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Friday, March 21, 2008

Spermbank open for a deposit

Yesterday I had plans to meet up with my buddy to check out a college campus for cock and to top his ass...

I then had an email from a banking executive that likes to top my ass.
I didn't want to take the chance of losing my 4 day load while being fucked so we postponed until today.

I ended up leaving work early and we arranged to meet up in a nearby hotel tearoom.

He is my height, a little older, with a cock that is just the right size for going in with only a bit of spit - my lube of choice for those last minute quick fucks in a stall or outdoors.

We got to the location, it was nice and empty so we took it to one stall and got me stripped down.
He started sucking me a bit. I don't mind being sucked but the goal today was to get his cock and load up my ass.
I got down to suck his cock and get it nicely lubed with my spit, stood up turned around and he went right in.

This was a set "wham, bam, thank you" fuck so we went right to it and as he was pounding my ass hard. He would ram it hard, then be pulling my nipples at the same time.
My nipples are pierced and hardwired directly to my cock and ass so it was feeling awesome. Soon he was asking if I wanted his cum and I said yes. He shoved one last time and let a huge load go.
There is nothing better than feeling a cock pump up just before it shoots, whether it is in my throat or my ass.

The banker made his deposit, no early withdrawal, and one more satisfied customer for the week.

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