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Thursday, March 27, 2008

X Tube guy wants me on my knees...

I got an email last week and the guy was looking for me to meet up, and get a video clip of me taking his load.
He was into the clips of me sucking on X Tube and wanted to see his cock down my throat and having it posted on the site.

I agreed to meet up with him and we were hoping the blond park guy would join us to take the video at the gloryholes.
My park buddy had to work and could not make it, so we tried to get a shot in the booth by ourselves.

As soon as I took out the camera, he had the buttons undone and cock out.
He got rock hard fast, and I got down on my knees.
Great size for deep throating, cut and I could tell he was really get into seeing me on my knees.
You know, the thing that gets me rock hard is having the guy hard and turned on he is ready to shoot anytime....this guy was so hot to get off on camera he was moaning and shooting.

The video came out a bit dark, will see if I can get it posted clear enough to see.

His cumshot though was super thick and hot. I could feel it just coating and soaking my goatee, a bit hit the chair (sorry to all of you other cum pigs but there are some places I just will not lick up the cum) and some hit the floor.
I had him take a pic of the cum and it is on here.

Sorry the lighting is so bad, maybe if we meet up again I will get him in another spot where we have more light and you can really see it!

After we stood up and all of the cum was just sitting there soaking into my goatee I had to swipe it off and lick off then swallow every drop before heading out.

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