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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Campus tearoom and my load in a tight ass

A fellow cum pig buddy has been trying to arrange for me to plow his butt in a bathroom.
Today he picked me up after work, and we went to a tearoom he frequents when he is horny.
I have to say, the layout was superb and you could tell that back in it's heyday there could be some serious under the stall and at the urinal action.

The worst invention of the 20th century, in my cock sucking opinion, is the automatic flushing urinal and toilet. I completely understand the desire to automate the industry and I guess it could make it easier somehow for people but it really interrupts a great scene when someone does not figure out how to impede the sensor and there is a flush right in the middle of everything.
Ok, off of my soabox and back to the action...

We stood at the urinals and a guy was already in a stall,we could tell he was stroking his cock. He was a hot guy with hairy muscular legs, probably late 20's. To get the action started my buddy and I sucked each other and he came out of the stall to join in.
HOT little guy, around my height and he may have been uncut - he was hard enough there was no overhang. I squatted down to take his cock in my mouth and play with his balls a bit. Nice and hairy!

Well, we ended up being interrupted a couple of times and then a young college guy came in and joined us. He was not interested in getting sucked or shooting on my face. No problem, some guys don't.
He went in the stall with the other guy and jacked his load onto the floor. My, what a waste of hot, thick young cum.
I hope he learns that older guys are not a threat and that shooting on the floor unless absolutely necessary is such a waste :-)

My buddy was eager to be fucked so in the next break of traffic we lubed up his ass and my cock and buried it in his ass. We took a few pics with his iphone and when I get them, they will be added.
The guy in the stall stayed there but was watching.
After a short fuck, another guy came in and took the next stall. It took awhile to determine he was also jacking so we were good to go and then the door opened again! You would think we were in Grand Central Station.
Well, this new arrival was tall, lean and early 30's and he stood at the urinal. Once he started stroking I moved back to give him a better view. He took the hint and came over.
Nice thick cock and a perfect mushroom head. I went down to suck and he let me. The two stall guys could see it all. He wanted to suck me a bit and I let him but since my load was promised to my buddies ass I held back cumming (it was a 4 day load) and he eventually headed out.

Traffic picked up enough that we took ourselves to another bathroom so I could load up his ass.
You would think we could find a quiet bathroom in an almost deserted college building but sure enough, while I was buried in ass for another shot we heard the door open.
This time a guy decided to do his washing ritual, including brushing his teeth for god's sake, so we left and gave him the time to get out.
He left and we went back in....we were both ready to shoot so I spit on my cock, turned him around and shoved back in.
It took a short bit of fucking but when I was close he said to let loose and I did...spurt after spurt up his ass.
He shot a huge load on the floor while I was loading his ass and we were both ready to head home.

I rarely top an ass and ever more rarely in the bathroom so this was a nice break but I am now ready to get back to being my regular "Deep throat Cock sucking Bottom Cum pig" role when my partner gets back to town from his business trip.

With that said, the hot black man I sucked and took pics with has sent a note that he wants to give me load again and I got a "booty call" from a hot banker in town today.

I will keep you posted on those and who knows, maybe I will get both in the same day.


Anonymous said...

If the flushing bugs you, bring large Post-It Note stickers or Electric Tape and cover the sensors, while you're using the stall.

sfverscumboy said...

My point was that we need more people like you, that know how to do those things, it is just as easy to use the materials on hand...toilet paper with some spit is 100% effective if used properly.