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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Leather and royalty - mix in my mouth

Here in San Francisco we have a large leather community and we also have a fund raising entity called the Imperial Council of San Francisco which elects an Empress (drag queen) and Emperor (gay man) each year.
Well, last night I was out and in a room where both were present and realized just how much I have enjoyed feasting on the cocks of both groups.

Of course, the leather man would be your first assumption of guys I would get on my knees for -
and there was one last night I met for the first time that I would service in any way he will read this I am sure since you recognized me last night and I have to say WOW, HOT and anytime...
but surprisingly the Emperors are quiet fond of blowjobs and even some of the Empresses have given me some hefty loads - YES out of drag...for the most part LOL, but we will not go into details. Suffice it to say that the rumor that most drag queens are hung tops would be an absolute FACT in my experience.

San Francisco is a unique city for me and helped create the cum pig that I am today.
Over the past 7 years I have given blowjobs to current, local and visiting leather title holders in public and in private.
I have been on a porn film set sucking and jacking off with an Emperor and of course fluffing him for a hot load to be seen on film - you will just have to see the videos to figure out who.
And I have given blowjobs in front of probably a dozen Empresses at one time or another while out and about.
I have even had the pleasure of giving head to more than a few of the Emperors,visiting and local.
It is true that blowing a load down a guy's throat can relieve some of the stress of all those events.
Last night I even ran into a couple of guys that I have taken in my mouth more than once in a public location surrounded by guys watching and enjoying the show, and I have to say a big thank you to the most recent load I took (you have the address here now so you know who you are).

Gotta love this city!

Next week I intend to be back in full service mode and since starting this blog I have had more than a few past loads contact me and say they want to repeat and let me take pics or a video clip for all the world to see.

And a final note to the leather man from last night, let me know when and where!

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