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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The hot red head, Prince Albert and his jock fetish

It has been a slow few days but I was able to get a hot guy to unload all over my face in the stalls.
He is tall, red hair, facial hair and a hot cock with a great set of furry balls and a Prince Albert - mouthwatering and mouth filling!!!
We met up at a hotel tearoom near the office that has a few stalls for some under stall action and it is quiet enough to allow for some one on one blowing.
He had mentioned that he has a 0 (zero) gauge PA - I have a 2 gauge and he was looking forward to unloading all over my face.
Once we were there it was just the two us so I was actually able to not only suck that cock and take the PA but he also wanted his balls licked.
I stuck my whole head under and swallowed those two globes right in my mouth. He was moaning pretty fast and asked me if I wanted that load on my face. I was basically looking straight up at his hand jacking the cock while my mouth was full of balls so I just moaned and nodded.
He started shooting and it was that thick warm cum that just spurts and I felt 4 - 5 shots hit my face, cheeks and goatee.
I am sorry to say I was not able to get any photos of this load but I do have a new fetish he is working on...jockstrap swapping.
He later told me that he is into jocks and saw mine. The pic for this entry is me in my jock last month.
We are going to meet up and swap jocks, wear them for a week with cum and piss then switch back.
He will be wearing mine to the gym and who knows how many loads may get shot on it before I get it back...and you know me, I will do my best to get his full of some cum and piss.
I have never traded jocks but a few years ago I wore one jock everyday to my office under suits and made sure to occasionally jack off or have guys cum in it anytime I ran into someone at a tearoom.
That jock is now stained and still retains some of the smell even after washing (there was quite a bit of DNA left in it apparently!)
That's it for now...I will let you know when the jock swap takes place and will see about getting some pics of me or him in our borrowed jocks.

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