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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sausage for lunch?

Well, I usually do not have the opportunity to add during the day but I just had to let you all in on the latest that just occurred.

I went to my usual, favorite shopping center in the hopes of running into the hot suit and tie guy I have told you about in the past - he takes lunch about the same time I do.

It has been 4 days of being a good boy - some by choice and some just by chance and tonight I am supposed to be meeting up with a buddy to partake in a group of college age or older cocks in one location that he has previous experience in.
We hope to be there for awhile and feast until I am ready to explode and then he will take it all bareback.

So anyway , I was just going in hoping to find the usual but just before I got there a tall guy wearing white dress shirt and khakis walked in and I thought, well maybe...
I went to one of the stalls to see if suit cock was there. New arrival in khakis stood at the urinals, gave that over the shoulder "hmmm, what do we have here" look. I went to stand next to him after that obvious signal and he pulled out the absolute largest piece of meat I have ever seen standing there. It was a literal third leg!

HUGE mushroom head, thick popping veins (he had a rubber cock ring on already) and so much meat I could feast for hours.

WELL, you know me, I went right to town on that!!

We got interrupted too fast, but the cock just grew and grew! Of course I had to get it as far down as I could and he was mighty impressed I took it all. When he was rock hard I did get it down my throat and it was filled to the brim.....mmm, mmm, good.

With another sound of another arrival he put it back in his pants and we left. He was running late to an appointment so I gave him my contact info and told him I would be more than happy to finish him off in a more private spot I know next time.

Details to follow!

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