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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Booty text and a visitor

I had a message on my mobile A4A.
Blonde, top guy with a great looking cock, and he wanted to get blown. I told him to let me know when he would be in the city...
Today he sent me a note and we met up.

We tried to figure out a spot to meet, and it turned out to be a watering hole that I love to visit and be on my knees.
It was early in the day, so we were pretty much on our own...or so I thought.

I arrived and after grabbing a beverage we headed outside.

There were already a few men hanging out, but nothing going on.

Within minutes, we had our pants undone and he was pushing me onto my knees.

I had seen pics of his long mushroom head cock, but it was much more appetizing in front of me.
Full low hanging hairy balls, a long straight shaft - probably a good 8 inches from the base and capped with a sweet perfect plum shaped mushroom head.

I swallowed every inch, and got to work. As I was down on my knees, he told me to just do what I wanted.
He did say that working around the head gets him off I ignored that for a bit and kept deep throating his shaft.
The head was indeed a challenge, but you know how I take those...all the way down.

With a small group of guys watching, and with his cock buried to the balls it was not long before I suspected he was getting closer.
Suddenly he grabbed my head in both hands and started to hold me in place while he piston fucked my mouth.
When he let up on the piston fuck, he kept my head in his hands and directed my mouth while telling me to swallow.

Soon I was being rewarded with a sweet thick cum load. I don't often taste specifics, but his was orange flavored and it went down smooth.

After a bit more chit chat, we were hanging out when I saw this young bearded guy walk in. Carrying a backpack, sandals, shorts and shoulder length black curly hair.
He made eye contact with me just as my buddy was pulling my cock out to take a shot of sucking.

The sucking session ended pretty quickly and I led us back inside. After setting down our beverages, I told him that I was going to hang around a bit longer.
He headed out the door and I grabbed a new cocktail.

I went back outside and there was the young dark haired guy. Standing against the wall, smoking a cigarette.

There was a group of guys at the top of the stairs so I went further away. I stood and watched the young buck.
He looked back, and nodded his head a bit.
I kept sipping my cocktail and looked back at him again. This time I did the nod.
Third time is the charm (as I tell my friends that want to know when a guy is interested)...when he nodded again I motioned for him to join me.

He walked over and immediately asked if the other guy was my boyfriend (the first guy I blew).
I assured my new friend that he was not.
He smiled at that and moved closer.

When he was near enough, he asked if I minded him sucking me.


He stood to my left and told me to undo my pants.
I pulled out my cock and let it hang out - my shirt was covering some but he could see it all.
That is when he made the comment "this is my first time sucking in public".

What? Oh, I knew what to do...

I told him that I would suck him first, so that he could tell that it would not be a problem.
He agreed and immediately undid the button on his shorts.
I reached over and took over, and pulled out his stiff cut cock.

Long, thick, cut and just a bit of a curve to his right.

Since he was already rock hard, I just bent over and took him into my mouth.

His balls were covered in soft dark hair, and they were hanging low and loose. I cupped them into my hand, and turned my body so that I could be directly in front of his crotch and take it all.

Now that he was out on display and filling my mouth, we both relaxed and I took over.
Swallowing his cock head, then sliding down the base until he was hitting the back of my throat.
We went on like this for a few minutes, and then he wanted control.

He would put his finger in my mouth to stop me from pulling the shaft in, and I would then suck on his fingers...until he deemed it time to feed me his cock again.
Then he would gently aim his piss slit right at me and guide my head forward.

I knew that was my cue to swallow and service.

This went back and forth for over five minutes.

That was the point that we paused and he said that he was about to cum. I looked up and said "yes".
He asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth...

You know my answer...."yes, please!".

He smiled and let me take over. I could taste the pre cum starting to flow and soon I felt that thick warm spooge hitting my tongue and sliding down toward the back of my throat.
With his cock almost entirely in my mouth, I felt each spasm as he shot and it was amazing to feel each spurt fill my mouth a bit more...until I was at capacity and had to swallow a bit to allow the rest to flow onto my tongue.

Fuck, it was another sweet extra large thick load!

Once he was fully drained, I stood up and said thanks. That is when the conversation went to where he was from...Portugal.
Only in town for a few days and no idea where to go.

I gave him the skinny on each night and where to be for similar action.

Tonight is Tuesday, and I told him where I was headed...and I hope to get more of that hot young Portuguese cum...


Anonymous said...

glad you're back and posting...i've missed you

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Thanks

Jim Phoenix said...

Great tales .. thanks for the hard-on! I'd love to visit all those haunts with you sometime!