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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A cum load day ended with 24 yr old cum

Having a great cock day.

Started at 5am, with my husband grabbing my cock and as I got harder and woke, I reached back and felt his mushroom head swelled and his cock rock hard.
He was half asleep, but when I went down on him I could already taste the precum flowing.
Needless to say, I slurped and swallowed until he blew his nut in my mouth, and it was a huge load.

I have hitting the gym and using a trainer.
This morning I was on my own, and after a good workout I was ready for cardio. I went to the locker room to get my phone and headphones when out of the steam room came a hot lean black man...that I have blown before.
As he was going back in, I changed my mind and undressed.

I grabbed a towel and went in. He was sitting on the bench, already at half mast.
He knew what I could and would do.

I grabbed his cock and immediately put about 3/4 of it down my throat. His cock head was also mushroom, but immense and his shaft was a hand full...but I persevered and took him to his balls.
That just made him moan even more.
He was encouraging me to keep it up, and soon he said that he was about to cum.
I just nodded my head and kept sucking. His load hit my tongue and kept going.

Then it was after noon.

I had a message from my phone app. Asked me what I was doing.
My reply was "at work, and horny". Figured that if he wanted to feed me, that would get the ball rolling.

Sure enough, he replied that I could suck him off in the bathroom at his building.

I said that worked perfectly.

He gave me the address, and I hot footed it up there. Not far at all.

As I got to the door, he said that a conference call started in 5 minutes. I told him I was at the bathroom basically.
He had given me the code, and I entered.
The largest stall was unlocked and he was already hard.

Oh, I should mention that he asked if I was okay with a piercing.
Told him that I have one and it would not be a problem....

I got on my knees and was presented with this 24 yr old cock sporting a very hot PA.

True to my word, I went right down and took him. I really do love a PA, especially since so many of us pierced guys are constantly asked to take them out.
I know the concern, but my reply is always that if you know what you are doing, teeth are not an issue.

His piercing was bouncing around in my mouth as my tongue batted it back and forth, all while I was going down to the base and using my lips to caress the shaft on the way up.

I knew we did not have much time, but I also remembered taking his cock last year in another bathroom...he could shoot fast when necessary.
After a couple of minutes he let out those beautiful words...I am about to cum.
HOT! Let me have it.

I love the sight of my cum as it shoots over the curve of the piercing, so I let his first shot go onto my tongue and then I opened my mouth to let him see his cum as it slid into my mouth.
Well, the next shot went right over my mouth and hit my cheek. No problem.

I could feel the heat of that sperm sitting on my cheek as he let more ooze down into my waiting mouth.

Once I though he was done, I took a few more moments to clean up the load.
I milked the shaft to be sure he was empty and then used my tongue to get every last bit from that PA.
Then I swallowed the whole cock again to spit shine and get anything left.

That was it, a perfect wham bam thank you.

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