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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Public transit hook up

It was a warm sunny day, and I decided to grab lunch downtown and come back to the office.

I hopped on an underground train headed to the Financial district. I was semi hoping to see either a guy that I have sucked before or perhaps just some hot horny pig also cruising...I was in my old stomping grounds, so why not look?
Nothing around, so I headed to the mall and grabbed some tacos.

Now, I always make a point of checking guys out on our public transportation because there are some hot guys, and if they are horny, it is amazing what you can do.

On this train, at first there was no one. I was just kicking back reading on my phone, when a tall young man walked on.
Mid 20's, dark black hair, a bit of five o'clock shadow, V neck semi tight T-shirt showing a great body and jeans.
Not Levi's, but those kind that will show a great package and still be a bit loose.

I did in fact check out his package, and I wanted it.

He sat across from me and we kept catching each other looking. He moved to sit directly across from me.
We both reached down and adjusted our cocks. That is when I pulled out my phone to type a memo...
"I can suck you off at (not giving you that much info!)" With that typed, I motioned for him to come sit next to me.
As he took the seat, I tilted my phone to show him the message.
He smiled and nodded.

Quick enough we arrived at the stop and I led the way.

Once I had him in the room I mentioned, he leaned against the wall and began to unzip his jeans.
I knelt down and gave him a hand, while also unzipping my own pants and pulling out my cock.

I had seen the package and was very pleasantly surprised to see it in the flesh.

Cut, semi hard cock and a pair of low hanging smooth balls. Yes, it seems he was a shave boy but I am currently sporting that look myself and know how it feels to have them bouncing free.

With that, I took his cock into my mouth and started to give him the blow job I promised.

You know that I love those growers, and damn, if he was not a sexy hot fucking grower.
That cock swelled so thick and long that I was opening my mouth wider and wider with each slurp down the shaft.
Similar to my own cock, he was largest at the base and just tapered a bit with each inch towards the head.
Perfect for impaling a hungry mouth.

I took a quick look up as I was down there and saw him smiling down. And then, I went right back to it.
During the course of the blow, I did attempt to shove as much as I could down my throat.
Due to the size, it was not easy...but I love that!

A couple of times he would stroke his cock and he even took the time to smack my face a few times.
Then he fed me his meat again and I kept going.

After a few more minutes of deep throat action he began to get thicker, and I was hoping that meant a load was building.
I kept up the non stop sucking and the pre cum and spit started to slick up and make that awesome sound of a pig being fed.

He pulled his cock and asked me where I wanted the load.
I said on my face and he confirmed that it was going to be on me. HOT!

I had unbuttoned my shirt during the latter part of giving head, and he had tweaked my nipples...but now it gave him a wide open canvas to shoot for...

And he did! One shot of pure white thick young spunk poured out first, and that went towards my mouth.
The next five or six dollops of white cum were shot on different parts of my chest and stomach.
Some near my neck, a few down my torso and a few near my pierced nipples. Fucking hot and creamy.

Now, I was going straight back to work and would have loved to let that spunk slowly dry, but it was too thick and I wanted to taste it.
Right away I started to use my fingers to pick off the largest globs of spooge.
That cum that could be glue, it is so thick...damn and it was so sweet too.

I must have taken about five or six of those and eaten them. Then it was time to button up the shirt and head out.
He helped make sure there were no tell tale signs on my beard (with how white and thick it was, there would have been no mistaking what I had just swallowed).

With everything in place, I led him back out and went to the office.

Sitting here now, I can still smell that seed as it dries.

Hope to see more of these hot young horny men on my commute...

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Anonymous said...

You make it sound so easy...

I have a lot to learn.