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Monday, August 13, 2012

He moved here last week and wanted to feed me

Last week I had a message on xtube.
He said that he was a fan of the videos and had just moved to San Francisco.

Along with inquiring where to find cock, he also told me that he would be up for making a video.
I sent him my email address to exhange some pics.

Over the weekend he sent me some face and dressed pics.
Hot little guy from what I could see. About my height, dark hair and eyes.
Reminded me of the native Hawaiians.
I asked about a cock shot, but he did not have one. No problem, I told him.

Today we arranged to meet up.
I gave him the address of where I was and he headed on down.
He called to let me know he was downstairs so I went and met him. I led him to the perfect location, where I have taken a few local guys.

I handed him my camera and got down on my knees.

He told me he got lost and had to hike the hills, and would be a bit sweaty...and he was dressed from the gym.

I pulled down his sweat pants and shorts and out came his cock.

Perfectly sized, and slammed up when I released it from his shorts. Cut cock, low hanging smooth balls and a tasty looking bubble butt.
Framing all of that meat in front of me was a pair of thick hard legs and a smooth flat stomach.

Well, I wasted no time. I had to taste.

His full nuts were just hanging, so when I pulled his cock into my mouth I had something to hang on to.

Now you all know how much I love to feel the head of a guys cock hitting my tonsils and this one was just long enough to band the back of my throat.
Using my throat and lips, I slammed his cock further down and was rewarded with that extra two inches you can find when buried to the balls.

I could not neglect his balls and had to take them into my mouth a few times as well.

Going down and swallowing every inch he had, we had a good rhythm going. My spit was lubing up that shaft and I was pulling it in for all I was worth.

Eventually I could feel his shaft starting to get even more rock hard. That was my signal to bring him to the edge and take his seed.

He must be a huge precummer because as I was feeling it gush out, he was still right at the precipice of orgasm...and then he told me it was time.
Fuck yes!

That shaft swelled, and as he moaned out loud I felt the first spurt hitting my tongue.
We were trying to be quiet, but his cum load was not going to come quietly. It was hot as hell hearing him moan as his nuts released all that pent up spooge.

I wanted to let him see me feeding on his spunk, so I let my mouth off a bit and was rewarded with that feeling of more warm juice hitting my lips and beard.

Once he was drained, he and I milked his cock for the last drops.

Sweet and so tasty...young horny and fully loaded..gotta love those guys and the amount of cum they can produce.

Of course, now that he lives here I told him to let me know when he wants to do it again, and again, and again.

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