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Monday, August 20, 2012

Two loads to start the week...

Over the weekend I had a message from a blog fan.

Tall, beard, shaved head and from the pics I saw, a fairly thick cock.

He commented that he would like to give me some material for the blog, and I told him that was perfectly fine with me.

So...this is how today played out and how he was the load to top off a day of cum pig feedings...

This morning I had a buddy that has fed me his loads a few times in the past.
Also a large bearded man with some balls packed with cum. He asked what was up, and I told him I was in the office.

After lunch I had a message from him, and he was up the block. He wanted to know if he should swing by for a feeding...You know I told him yes.

I went downstairs, met him and we headed to a secluded spot that I have swallowed him at in the past.
Locked the door, and was on my knees. And he was already hard.

I love how this guy has such a thick cock, and as he is just about to bust his nut it grows almost twice as hard and twice as thick. Today was no exception.

After about five minutes of some great slurping and ball holding action he let loose a torrent of cum and I swallowed every last drop.

That was load #1...and that made me hornier.

I logged on to my phone app and asked the new guy where he was. Come to find out, he was not far.
With the information, I told him that I would suck him off right now.
He hopped in the car, and headed over.

Now, when I saw the pics I was expecting a big hairy guy but damn he was a sexy tall fuck.
I was going to enjoy the second load!

I took him to a different location from my earlier feeding. Once again, door locked and on my knees.

This guy was soft when his pants were around his ankles, but even then it was thicker than my own hard cock. And you know I love to get a guy hard as slow or as fast as he likes.
He also appeared to be semi uncut, like me. When soft there is a whole lot of skin, which leads to guys thinking it is uncut, but once it is hard you would swear cut.

My mouth was filled with cock - it was a mouth full and not even full on hard.
His balls were just as massive. I could barely hold them in my hand, but hairy and full..just what I like.

Now, before he arrived I had asked if he has a large load stored up. He replied that it was not, and asked about waiting. I told him it was fine, I was just in a piggy mode.

Well, as he got harder and thicker and longer I was not sure if I was going to be able to take the whole cock.
This time around I did not pull his cock down my throat, but I hope to work on that next time.
Instead, I just worked the shaft and thoroughly enjoyed the taste of his pre cum and the feel of his hairy nut sack bouncing in my hand.

He was not a vocal cum feeder, but damn if he did not start to buck in my mouth only seconds before he unleashed all of his sperm.

And FUCK, for supposedly not being a large load I have to say that it instantly filled my mouth.
I swallowed quickly, knowing that if that was the first shot there would undoubtedly be more..and I was right.

It felt like two or three more spurts and once again I swallowed every drop. Sweet farm fed fresh man juice. HOT!!

I told him after I stood up that it was a huge load and now I cannot wait for another round.

Stay tuned, and maybe next time he may let me take a video or some pics of his meat filling and seeding my hole.


Anonymous said...

Man I would love to feed you one day!

sfverscumboy said...

Hot! Send me a note and lets see what can be done...