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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Public transit is great for head

Ok, so this story started a few weeks back...

I was on the train home, and found myself in a car with another eager to play gay guy.
He is probably late 20's, some facial scruff, tall and in shape. We both sent signals back and forth.

It was a packed car, so I nodded my head to get out at the next stop. He agreed, and off we went.
The platform of this station has a great blind spot and I made good use of it - naturally.
I pulled him forward and he shoved a cut thick cock onto my tongue and into my open waiting mouth.

I was not sure how large he was going to be, but damn it was growing quick.

At that point we realized a train was coming and adjusted ourselves. As the train stopped, we saw the entire car in front of us was empty. SCORE!

We stepped back on, and I was bent over taking his cock back into my mouth. Soon he was coating my tongue with his cum.

That was so hot, that I wanted a repeat sometime. I gave him my number.

Today I got a note from him. We saw each other over the weekend at a bar, and I told him that I would have pulled him into the bathroom and done it again. He replied back that he was thinking of the same thing...

So, of course we figured that we should take of it immediately.

I told him where to meet me and he headed out. I also asked if he wanted a video, and he said would not be the first time his cock was on camera he said.

The first time we were pretty rushed, but this time I got between his legs and saw his thick untrimmed bush surrounding his semi hard cock.
Pulling that meat into my mouth, I was set to milk him for all it was worth...and he knew it.

So, there I was on my knees with a rapidly growing cock stuffed into my mouth. I used my hand a bit to coax more inches out of him.
Once I felt that he was rock hard and fully erect I opened up to let him get deep into my throat.
Fuck, trying to slide him in had me precumming and I could feel my own cock bounce.
I did get it down, and then came back up for air.

Alternating between deep swallows, tongue bathing of his head and stroking his shaft had him oozing some tasty pre cum as well.

I took a breather real fast to just savor the look of his spit covered cock, and then had to go back to work.

Earlier I had told him to cum and just keep cumming when he was ready.

With the tiniest bit of a moan, he let me know that I was about to get that man spunk.

I felt the first hot blast hit my tongue, and then I wanted him to see me feeding on the rest.
With my mouth partially open he kept cumming. Warm, and quick it just kept flowing.

As I saw some go down over my hand I swept in to catch it and the balls were churning because that did not stop the flow of semen.
More oozed out with each stroke and I kept licking and swallowing to catch it all.

Needless to say, I was rock hard as I milked the last of his spunk out of his balls. I cleaned up his cock and my hands with my tongue and damn if it was not a sweet load.
Once he was drained, we both stood up and pulled our pants on and headed out.

He is close by, so there may be more daytime encounters to cum.

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