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Friday, September 14, 2012

Young uncut security guard load

I had a message from a young uncut latino. He asked if I was looking because he needed a cocksucker.
My reply was just "where?"
He came back with an office building and said he had access to a vacant floor...he works security there and can get me in.

Due to timing I could not do it that afternoon, so this morning we agreed to meet up before work.
I took the train downtown and met him out front. Following him into the elevator, I was semi hard remembering his thick uncut meat.
You see, when I asked if he had a cock shot just to see what I would feed on, he told me that I have sucked him before and took video.

We got to the vacant floor and walked around to make sure no one was around. Then he leaned against the wall, while undoing his pants and I pulled out the camera.
I handed over the camera as his meat came out of his underwear. Thick and semi hard!

Not wasting any time, I got to work immediately on the head and swallowing the shaft. He told me that I needed to be as loud as I wanted so I knew I could enjoy the hell out of the moment.
Using my hand to milk the shaft as I found the foreskin a few times had me sporting full wood in my jock.

You know I had to deep throat his drooling cock, and when I did it swelled a bit thicker each time.
During the blowjob he panned across the room and it was hot to think of anyone walking in and seeing a security guard with his cock down the throat of a hungry cock sucker!!

After a few minutes of oral enjoyment I asked him where he wanted to cum - he said "your mouth".

Soon he told me that he was getting closer and I knocked it up a notch until I felt his shaft swell and the head flared up...then the sweet cum began to pour onto my tongue.
Squirt after squirt kept cumming and I let it pool in my mouth and as he was finished I looked up and let him see his baby batter.
Then I took a swallow and felt the thick load slide down my throat.

After he zipped his pants back up we chatted about where I work now, and I told him that anytime he wanted to use that floor to feed me it was fine with me.

Hope I get to feast on that uncut latin cock again soon...


Jim Phoenix said...

Hot story. Nice to be hard on a Monday morning. I love those guys who like to see their seed on my tongue. Makes the moment even hotter for me too. Thanks as always for sharing the great tales!

TheSuckMonkey said...

Dude you have got to be the hottest blog on the web. You're my idol!

sfverscumboy said...

Thanks!!! I know there are more popular ones with graphics and stuff, but I am not a computer person....just a pig that shares.

Now, I just need to find more guys that need my services.