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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taking his load in the van

It was a scorcher in the city today. To avoid the heat, I had planned to just stay indoors and enjoy a cool beverage...until... A few months back I had a guy on the scruffy app hit me up. He wanted a no string blowjob, and I was accommodating. He traveled close to my office for work and the timing worked. We met up near my office that time. Today I got a message "What's up. Hungry?" I told him that our old haunt was not available, but I was indeed up for a blow job. His response was "suck me off in my van?" "It would have to be the front seat." Knowing exactly who I was meeting, it was fine and I told him it would work. I have sucked other guys off while they drove, but not parked in the city. Because of my location it was going to be kinda hot to be blowing this guy while he sat there, and people going by would never know about the smile on his face. He came and picked me up, and we went around the block. He found a parking spot and told me that he would let me know if anyone walked by. Now, the hot part was that there was a construction guy about half a block away. My buddy already told me that heat makes him horny, and he was half undressed as we were parking. Cock out, camera in hand and sun shining down...I got my mouth between his legs and pulled his cock into my mouth. In the past, I was able to milk his cock and balls, but this position did not give me room so we just went at it like two guys should...wham, bam, thank you. During the first bit of sucking him off I heard a truck approaching and just lifted my eyes up enough to see a delivery truck drive by. He had quite an eye full of a guy getting head. I made sure to get every inch of his cock and a few times I pushed that extra inch down my throat until I gagged and could feel the head expand. He had his hand on my head and was guiding me, so I just followed his lead and adjusted my timing to his downward pushes. Soon it was time and I could tell he was ready to blow. I kept him in my mouth and let him unleash all of that pent up heat induced cum out of his balls. After he was spent, I stayed in place to milk his shaft and was rewarded with a few extra drops of white man sperm.

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