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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A banker's dozen of cum loads...8 guys at lunch lead to more

A few years ago there was a guy in the North Beach area that would host businessman’s lunches at his place.
A group of guys, all ages, all sizes - just there to feed one lucky cum pig.
I replied to one ad, and after that I became the cum pig for a couple of parties.

At one of them I met a hung young stud that really used my mouth.

Over the years we have kept in touch and now he is back in the city…and horny as ever.
We talked about getting a group together for a little feeding.
I had my list of contacts and feeders, and he put an ad on Craigslist.
As usual there were some inquiries to the ad, and some backed out.

Well, today we had two guys from the ad, and five that I had contact with the hung host.

Eight hot horny men, and me on my knees.
Mushroom heads, thick shaft, bouncing hairy ball, uncut meat and all for me.

I cannot even begin to describe the scene and do it justice, but here is the skinny.

One young hung uncut stud arrived first.
He was interested in watching and jacking, which is perfectly fine with me!
Then the others started to arrive.
Within about 5 minutes, we had everyone there and the sucking began.

Going back and forth from the host to the hot older daddy, and then swing around to the young full of cum studs that were on their lunches.
Cocks were being jacked, as I was swallowing inches of man flesh.

Eventually we had the first cum shot, and then it began to cause everyone’s balls to start churning and the cum to start flying.

Around the circle it went, one after another coming forward to give me his seed. Some on my face, as I love it – and some into my mouth, as I also love it!

You know I was a cum pig in heaven!!

At one point, the hung uncut stud told us he was ready and we spread like the Red Sea to let him in.
His cum flew out and sprayed me. The cum just kept spurting.
Everyone gasped a bit and you could hear the comments – the best load so far.
The host got his turn, and it was another mouth watering cock draining his sperm for me.
A good buddy of mine was holding the camera, and he had the privilege of being the final cum load.

He handed over the video cam and I took his cock into my mouth.
Then it was a matter of quick throat fucking and he was ready to blow.
As the last of his cum had flowed out of his hard cock, I used the head to work some of the other loads into my mouth.

Well, after those first seven loads were coated into my beard and dripping down my face it was time for one horny stud to blow his second load.
I was right there for it.

At that point we had eight loads and everyone wanted to see me jack off.
I had not cum in days, knowing that I would be as horned up as a college freshmen.
After a short stroke session it was time for my load.
It shot up about a foot in the air, and then fell onto the sheet at our feet.
Damn, I rarely get volume and distance but this was just too much!

Fucking hot.
As everyone began to get dressed and extend our thanks to the host and everyone for a hot as fuck lunch, we had another guest arrive.

He and I had exchanged messages for a few months and he was running late. I told the host that if he had time, so did I.
We agreed that I needed one more load.
I got down on my knees and started to suck that cock.

He was a grower and it curved down.
Soon it was too big for my mouth to easily swallow, but we all knew what a pig I was.
I took him to the base, and yes there was gag , but we did not care.
Not long after he was impaling his cock down my throat, the host began to get hard again.
Quickly our final guest began to let his cum flow and shoot.


Another hot tasty load!

But, that was not the end.

The host was so hot and horny at seeing me take one more, that he told us it was time for his second load!
Now I had the cum of 8 hot men, in 10 full loads, either running down my throat or coating my face.
Believe me, there is going to be another party.

Wanna cum along and add your sperm to the count?

Update - as I was updating this I had a message from a guy that is visiting.
He wanted me to come over and take his load.
Thick cock, huge low hanging cum filled balls. Suck, slurp, swallow - repeat and then it was Load #11.

On my way to meet my husband I went into the shopping district, and there was a hot young bear at the urinal.
We exchanged glances, and then went into a stall.
I got on my knees and in a minute he was unloading onto my tongue.

Load #12.

After blowing the young bear, I was on my way out and saw a guy checking me out.
I went back into the bathroom and he followed.
Large stall, door shut and on my knees.
Less than a minute, and I was tasting load #13.

That was one of the best cum load days!
Look for a repeat next week!


Jim Phoenix said...

fuck that is the hottest tale I have read in a long time. inspires me to go out and aim for 13 of my own! congrats!

BlkJack said...

Wow! What a busy day you had. Don't you think you need to add a bit of "color" to the group? Would love to attend your next session.

a1sucker said...

Now that is a fun lunch!