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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Leather bike gear and he fed me his load

About a year ago I chatted with a hot local guy.
We did not end up playing back then, but today I had a message from him.

Turns out he was only a few blocks away from my office... He wanted to jizz on my face, and I was up for some hot cock and cum.
 I told him about the shower room that my other buddy introduced me to last week.
That sounded great to him, and I gave the address.

He mentioned being on a bike and silly me thought of a ten - speed...nope, he pulled up in full motorcycle leathers on his bike.

I took him to the building and up to the floor.
The floor was empty, so we just walked in and locked the door behind us. He unzipped his bike gear pants and pulled out a nice thick slab of meat.
Semi hard and a pair of nice razor smooth hanging nuts.
Instantly I was on my knees and his cock was in my mouth.
Perfect size for a deep throat and also an awesome up-curve. That made his mushroom head glide along the roof of my mouth while my tongue could ride the bottom of his shaft.
He seemed to really like me doing a no hands blow, and that is how we started out.

After a couple of minutes, or maybe sooner, he also wanted to feel my throat wrapped around his head and shoved my mouth further down.
Naturally I was totally up for that and let him fuck my throat.
Then it was time to coat his nuts with spit. I took one and then other into my mouth. Oh, he liked that! I proceeded to give his nuts a good lashing and went back to deep throat and tonsil tennis with his cock head.

Once again we got him shoved down that extra inch, but this time I let him really go all out and give me a hard face fucking.
God, I thought I would shoot me own load as he piston fucked my throat.

As he got to the edge, he directed me to take over his nuts.
Obediently I went back down to those globes and pulled them into my mouth.
He was jerking his meat, and telling me to go harder and tug.
I did and when I looked up, it was to see his eyes closed but a slight smile as he was jerking harder and harder.
When he told me to tug, I swallowed both balls and really let them have it.
Pulled with my lips and teeth while using my tongue to tickle and churn that cum.

Then I was rewarded with that sweet cum.
First shot over my lips and then the rest he directed towards my mouth and let it drip in.
I took some with my tongue and lips just as it shot out of his cock.
As I stood up he mentioned that I had some "talent" and I said thanks with an ear to ear grin.
He had a bit of cum left on his hand, so I told him to just wipe it on me.

Then we headed out.
I told him to let me know if he needs to unload again before heading home...

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