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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet thick icing on the cake

Sorry for the delay but I have not been able to get a moment to fill you in on last weekend.

The weekend really started on Thursday. I attended a friends birthday/underwear party.
As you can surmise, things progressed as they should. Cocks were out, jocks were being worn and the men were horned up for the weekend.
My cock was naturally out, but only for a short time - then it was buried in a tight creamy white ass.
I fucked this kid twice and both times he shot his load all over the lucky guys in front. I was mildly surprised because he was sporting a good 9 incher with a massive mushroom head. But, you know me...once in awhile I love to bareback a good tight ass.

Friday and Saturday were low key...but then came Sunday!

Early in the evening we had planned to meet my husbands brother for dinner. That did not give me the usual Sunday afternoon time to get into trouble but I somehow found a way.

I was in the backroom and there were a few guys standing around, not doing too much.
One older bear type started talking to me and cocks were brought up. He said he was a grower and I said "ok, lets see it grow".
He pulled out a nice hefty piece and I started to suck it.
There were a few guys standing around watching and a couple tried to help out.
Since there were a few too many hands and I was not sure how long I had, I was set to head back out.
Then I see a hot shaved head guy that I know from a past job.
He is about my height, bare chested and makes a straight line over to where we are.
Out comes a good sized cock.

Ever since I first saw this guy at my old job site, I wanted to swallow his cock.
He was being sucked at first by one of the grabbers, but I manuevered him over to my mouth and started on his load.
Just as I was getting into it, I feel a hand slap my ass. I turn around and there is my husband and two of our friends.
He gives me slight nod and I go back to what I was doing.

I went back to the shaved head guy and started sucking more. I smelled the faint whiff of poppers - just a hint, but it was enough to get me deep onto his cock.
While I was feeling the head of his cock hit the back of my throat, I was also playing with the bear cock.
I look up and see that shaved head has that look of a man getting very near the edge of blowing his spooge.
There is nothing better for a cum pig than to know your husband, a group of friends and strangers are all watching you about to get iced with cum.

Soon enough the bear asks if I want his load. I am on my knees, head tilted back and say "yes!".
He starts to release his load and it is THICK. Each drop coats more of my face. Either my shaved head buddy was already edged or I performed a splendid blow job in a short time, because in less than 30 seconds of seeing my face get creamed he begins to cum.
His load is as thick and sweet as the bear. I can only lean back and let spurt after spurt after spurt hit my face.
It was on my goatee, covered my mouth and dripping on my cheeks.
I don't know how many ropes of cum he shot but it was enough that I felt like a pound of cum was smeared across.

I stood up, turned to smile at my husband - and he smiles back while telling our friend to help me clean up. Our friend tastes a bit off my cheek and says I should walk home that way.
A great idea, but we still have to meet my husband's brother for dinner.
I don't think his idea of an appetizer would be the same as mine.

So, what started out as a birthday party weekend, ended with my face being iced with two loads.
My idea of a good party.

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st. pete cub said...

very hot...I love walking around at a party with a guy's load in my goatee...smells so fuckin' hot!