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Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcum to the city - I do enjoy greeting the visitors

The booth door opened and in walked a tall hunk of meat. Swimmers build, sunglasses tucked onto his T-shirt and then I found out the rest.
He shut the door and I could feel his cock bulging when I reached out.
Since it was rock hard, I sat on the seat and took of my baseball hat to give full access to my throat.
He slowly lowered his white briefs and out came the mushroom head first, followed by about 7 1/2 inches of shaft - all of this stacked on top of two very full low hanging balls.

Without wasting a moment I dove right on and went straight to the base and slowly came back up.
With his cock fully slicked up with my spit I started the real blow job.
He was not so huge (at first) that I could not get the whole package in and I devoured it.
Working on the first third of his cock, using my tongue and lips on the head and then swallowing down till it just nudged my throat.
I was in a horny mode and as you know, that opens up my throat sometimes. When I felt that mushroom head nudging my throat I reached out and grabbed his balls and shoved him in.
The head slid down, filled my throat and then the shaft followed. My nose was now nestled right in the hair of his crotch. He shoved in even more and I opened my throat and got that extra inch.
He stayed in my throat for about four solid strokes and then I had to breathe. I did not want to gag or miss out on the load so I pulled back.
Standing there with a now even harder cock, he just smiled and said he had not cum in three days.

Well, you know I wanted every ounce of spooge in those balls. He told me to work on his head a bit more. I slowly swallowed the mushroom head and only went half way down the shaft. Then I slid up nice and slow and used my tongue to tease the shaft and head. That was what he liked, he said. Nice and slow.
And I am nothing, if not accommodating.
I slowed my technique and went back down.
He was playing a bit with my nipples and I just kept handling his full sack of balls. Even though he said slow, he did not say no deep I went back down to the base with my mouth and when his head hit the back, I opened up and let him slide further down.
His cock grew with each plunge down my throat and I reached under his balls to get that extra bit of cock, grabbed hold and pushed him further. Now we were both leaking pre cum and he was getting closer.
I told him that for a 3 day load, I would either walk out covered in cum or he could shoot down my throat. He wanted it down my throat.

We went back to the slow work on his head, followed by deep throats and balls grabs. His cock was beyond rock hard and he was finally ready to release that sperm.
I slid his cock in one last time, the head hit the back of my throat and I opened up for the rest.
While he was buried, he started fucking my throat and I kept him in there. Then he let loose with a grunt and my throat was slicked with cum. His shaft convulsed and throbbed each time. With his cock spurting, the head and load hit the back of my throat and I had to try and swallow. He came out of my throat a bit, I breathed, swallowed and let him back in to finish emptying his balls.

After that HUGE load, we both stood up and my cock was coated in pre cum that I had leaked. He then asked if he would see me at a certain bar and I said maybe over the weekend. As we were leaving he said he was from back East and leaving in a few days.

Who knows, maybe I'll run into him and be able to share a second load with you all.

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