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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Young, hung, uncut and full of cum - Thanks!

Today I was at my desk and I got an email. Nothing surprising, except it was from a young guy that said right off the bat "I want to try your mouth" - and went on to describe himself as a cute latin with nine and a half uncut. Where can we meet?

Well, you know me and uncut latins...they are hot and usually are very cute.

He said he was a fan of the blog, thought I might enjoy his cock and wanted to "sink this fat uncut cock into your amazing mouth".

Nothing like getting right to the point.
That got me hard thinking about it and I gave him a suggestion for a nearby bathroom, and we arranged for a time when I could get away long enough to enjoy a thick load of sperm.

When it was time to rendezvous, he was there and come to find out he was a tall, dark haired guy, lean swimmer build and indeed young.
And as you know, I do have a fetish about tall, lanky guys.

We went in and I told him the layout and where we would be going. Once we were in the stall area, it was empty.

I took him into the largest stall, and got down on my knees while he was pulling out his cock.
You know how I love to get a guy rock hard while I suck....he was a bit nervous but it was not long before that full nine and a half inches was sticking straight out.
He did not have an excessive amount of foreskin, and that is the way I like them.
Just enough to cover the head and still be able to taste everything.

After he was full and pumped, I took the entire shaft down my throat. We were trying to be quiet, but it was such a mouth full that I did feel it hitting beyond the back of my throat.
Long, straight and a nice full set of balls to cup while he was in my mouth. Tasty!
We did some deep throat swallows and I used my hand (there was room for more than my two hands - love those hung uncut guys!)to stroke him a bit.
A couple of times he took over and fucked my mouth a bit and then we were back to stroking and sucking.

Every once in awhile I would look up and he would be smiling and watching his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.
He was going for my nipples so I took of my shirt and let him go at it. He was pulling on them and that does get me nice and hard - plus it gets me in the mood to be a real pig and swallow it all.
After that bit of hot action he was ready to blow.
He was a quiet one, like I can be when we need to be but he let me know by body and sound that he was about to cum.
Suddenly I could feel and taste this hot thick load filling my mouth.
I was loving the taste and can't say how many spurts he may have emptied into my mouth but it was thick and sweet.

As we were leaving I said thank you!, let's do it again and he said thanks for being accommodating. Ah, mother would be so proud of me.
Perhaps next time we might take some pics or bring my cam if he likes that idea.

I am sure he will see this later and knows it's him.
Thanks for the hot load and that is a hefty nine and a half uncut piece of prime meat!

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Neal said...

Hey there - I am a big fan (on XTube) and would love for you to take my load. Your are beautiful and I love your body.