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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steam room fun....nice to have a gym buddy

My husband and I have joined a gym to get back into shape - at least that is my goal, he is already hot.
I was at one of the locations, on my own and was early to meet my trainer. While getting dressed for a workout I saw a hot buzzed head blond go by.
He was dressed for the gym and when he looked back I thought...hmmmm, could be fun.

Before I could finish getting dressed he walked by again with only a towel on. Well, since there is a steam room I was hoping he wanted to do something.
While in the steam room, there was a cute dark haired guy in there and he checked me out. Right away he starts stroking a nice uncut cock. Not huge but not small, and I like foreskin.
He jerked a bit, I leaned over and sucked a bit. He was rock hard.

Then the door opened and my blond looker came in. He and eye exchanged glances and the other guy left.
Once it was only two of us I immediately went over. I did not know how long it would be since it was a gym, so I leaned over and swallowed.
He had a nice long cock, not too thick and some great cum filled balls.
I was sucking and he was watching the door.
I told him that I did not have long, as I was meeting a trainer and he said ok. He told me to work on the head and I went back down.
He was leaking pre cum pretty fast so I told him that if he wanted to shoot in my mouth that was fine. After all, I don't like to leave a mess behind.

He started stroking his cock to get off in time and when he was ready to blow he let me take it all.
Nice thick cum, sweet tasting and actually a bit cool compared to the heat of the steam room.
I put my towel back on and headed out to shower.
While getting dressed he smiled and went to his locker. We had finished with time to spare and I went out to meet my trainer.

During my workout, we ended up being nearby and he just gave me a knowing smile. Maybe I'll like this idea of working out.

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