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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Return trip to the tearoom - and another huge cock

For lunch today I decided to swing by the tearoom that I visited at the end of July.
It had been dead the past few times I went over but that is the nature of them..sometimes busy and sometimes not.

Today I went in and see one of the stalls already occupied.
Looks like another pair of Vans so it may be a hot young guy. Of course I had to stick around and check it out!
Boy am I glad I did!!!

After verifying that we were both up for something I see a hand reach under and mimic stroking.
Well, you know that I love to get jacked while sucking so I was thinking this could be fun.
When I went down and saw what was in his hand my mouth dropped - huge thick cock, large smooth balls and a hot as fuck guy.
Dark hair, smoldering dark brown eyes and a goatee wrapped around a sexy devilish grin. He could have been a tourist on a college trip from Europe or a Greek island - but he was a hot local and ready for action.

He obliged when I signaled for him to let me suck.
Not only was it thick, veined and rock hard but his cock had just a bit of a down curve that would have been a perfect fit to down to his balls in my throat if we were in a more accommodating room.
After sucking that cock and stroking with my hand ( I could have used both hand, it was that large)he was up for sucking me a bit.
Not many guys like the Prince Albert piercing but he was up to the challenge and took my cock.

I was leaking precum and then we heard another guy enter so we stopped.
The guy came in, finished business and left so when we had the all clear again we started back up.
Then once again someone comes...this one goes to the stall on the other side of my cock buddy.
Apparently this is another tearoom visitor.
Now there are three of us and so my buddy and I go back to stroking and swallowing each others cock.
While I am sucking I can see the other guy watching.
A real turn on.
After a bit of this the new guy blows his thick load onto the floor and heads out.

Now my thick cock feeder and I have the place to ourselves again.
While I had been sucking him off, there was someone outside on his phone and we could here most of the conversation so I slipped my buddy a note to see if there was a better place to have him cum all over my face.
The answer was no but he did move to the stall on my right side.
That gave us a bit more privacy so he knelt down and I went to town on his cock.
He started stroking hot and heavy, then he shot!

Thick shots of cum and there I was on my back, on the floor of this bathroom with a huge cock shooting cum all over my cheeks, tongue and anywhere else he wanted.

I was a pig in cum heaven after he finished and asked if he wanted to take a picture of it.
He displayed that hot devilish grin and pulled out an iPhone. He took a few pics while my cum coated face was under the stall.
Since it was so quiet we took a couple more outside of the stalls.

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