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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lunch today was an absolute FEAST

Yes, I know it has been awhile since my last posting but my husband and I are headed to "the last frontier" tomorrow - Alaska!
Because of this vacation I have been working to get all of my daily projects done and it has meant less time working on cocks in the neighborhood.
Today I was able to make up for the dry spell and it was a complete and total, absolute mouth full.

A couple of days ago I got a message to one of my online profile sites.
This local hot guy said the videos were great and he loved my hairy hole.
When I saw the profile and the private pics of a meaty cock, I sent back a thanks with the note that he was a hot guy.
I do enjoy meeting local guys that appreciate the talent and even guys that are interested in nothing more than a chat about men, San Francisco and cock sucking.
Well, he replied that he would like to have me suck him off some time.
No need to ask twice - for a hot guy and a local that is always negotiable.

I mentioned that we were going on vacation this week but getting his load before would be a treat.
We exchanged some contact info and today we managed to get it all coordinated...

He emailed today and said the timing would work.
I had already told him where I like to meet is a spot that has large enough space but also not high traffic to interrupt.
I got there just before and all was clear... then he arrived.
His profile does list his stats and I have to say they do not do the actual person justice.

Athletic, gym body - not from steroids or enhancements but that solid wall of muscle from working on it naturally.
Sexy smile, tight ass (seen in his pants) and then I felt the cock in his tight white underwear....
All I can say is that it was at LEAST 9 inches long and about 6 inches around.
You know what I think of those dimensions - get me on my knees immediately and let me swallow it all.
Even the head was a mouthful, so I was in cock sucking full throttle mode.
Once the first half was slippery with my spit, I worked on getting the rest of it down my throat.
This is a cock that really needs to be swallowed to the balls but it does fill the mouth to absolute capacity.
Because we were in a space that we did not want to be heard, I worked on getting his thick cock down without making a sound.
That is always a challenge and he was willing to let me work it.

Once we got it down my throat I wanted to keep it right there and work my throat for a bit. He seemed to agree and let it sit in my throat while milking it.
I do like to use my mouth as much as possible and this cock was large enough that I could deep throat, work it to the base with my throat, pull off and work on the head while using my hand to stroke the shaft.
Since I was able to finally get his entire cock in my mouth, even for a short bit (need to breathe sometimes and my god, what a challenge to not moan and really slurp it all in a semi public spot!)
he wanted to bend over and feel my ass.
The ass grope, on top of him pulling my nipples, was a total turn on. It also shoved his cock into my mouth naturally and he used the opportunity to fuck my face a bit.
Just made me want to take his load even more.

He was pulling my nipples, groping my ass and even stroking my cock.
I stood up to take a breather and get back down but before I could he got down to suck my cock for a bit.
Wow, that was hot having this sexy as fuck brick wall going down on my cock.

I went back down and was working every inch I could. Using my throat, lips, tongue and hand on his shaft and cock.
He has a massive set of balls that were the size of a grapefruit in my hands and he seemed to like them being played with and fondled at the same time I was swallowing the rest of him.

Deep throat, ball tug, slurp the head, stroke the shaft and repeat...over and over....
It all led to the final conclusion - a massive load shot into my mouth.
I kept his cock in my mouth for the full range of shots and damn it felt good feeling those blasts of cum that filled my mouth to capacity before swallowing every drop.

Once we were done it was time to get out of there.....the whole time we could here other guys coming and going.
We left and back on the street we had a some small talk about my upcoming trip and I am looking forward to getting more of his massive cock after we get back.

He did mention in an email that once we get my throat around the last slight curve ( at about the 9 1/2 inch mark) I will have every inch buried and I said that was a challenge I am looking forward to!

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