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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Appetizer or hors de ouvres? how to classify a hot new guy

Yesterday my husband and I were out shopping and decided to have a cocktail so we found a bar and went on in.
While there we ran into a friend and said hi.
Then he had a friend stop by - all I can say is HOT!

My height, lean athletic body, glasses, facial hair and an innocent smile yet mischievous grin. Right away we all got along and the flirting just started naturally.
After a couple of rounds of cocktails our new friend went to the bathroom.
I had to go after and our timing was off so he was walking out as I was going in.
Of course I told him he did not have to leave.
He turned right around and came back in.
So there we were at the urinal and I was checking him out while he checked me out.

We are both growers in the cock department and after stroking each other a bit I had to get on my knees.
He grew and GREW and thick cock and a nice mushroom head on the end.
I was on my knees and loving it but we had sudden company and had to stop.

As we came back to the group, I was tenting my jeans and my husband just looked at my face and my buddies and asked what the Cheshire cat grins were...then he just smiled since he knew.
We stood around and chatted for a bit longer.
Then it was time for the bathroom again...

We both went and I got to my knees as fast as I could. He was fully hard quick and completely filled my mouth.
We were both rock hard and really getting into it when not one, but all three of our friends came back to see what the delay was.
I look up and see all these faces smiling down and then laughing...Ok, guess we need to take a break again.

After that we started getting into some nipple play and pit smells. Our new buddy really liked the smell of my pits and we would have done much more but he had to go to a concert.

Later he said it was hot looking down and seeing me on my knees with his cock in my mouth.
I said a pic or clip would have been fun and will see what we can arrange for next time.

That is the end of this post..I had an awesome taste of that cock and am looking forward to more of it.

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