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Monday, August 18, 2008

Public displays of affection....always hot and fun

I was online this morning and I got an IM. It was our new buddy from yesterday.
We talked a bit about the bar scene yesterday and the hot time we all had.
Again we found that we were all thinking along the same lines and discussed cum control, edging, exhibitionists and fetishes.
My husband and I were planning to be at a beer bust in the afternoon and arranged to meet him there.

Well, once we were all there it was instantly apparent that we were all going to have a fun afternoon and the attraction/ chemistry was as strong as before.
He was surprised at how tall my husband is since yesterday's romp was after he (my husband) had been sitting for most of the action.
Right away we were comfortable and starting to acquainted again.
Damn, he is a hot kisser and we were all going commando in our jeans with cock rings on...which led to some serious pre cum leakage and extreme tenting of the jeans...some guys are surprised at how large we height-challenged (hate to use the word short sometimes) guys can be.

I will only say that we were being watched by many guys at the bar while we all worked each others nipples, tongues, pits and even some ass groping.
He is finger lickin good and took advantage of my jeans being loose enough to get a hand in the front and back.

There was not public cock sucking today, we kept it to some heavy exhibitionism and there are many guys around town that got a huge eyeful this afternoon.
I think a few guys busted a nut watching two submissive men getting worked over and then seeing those two same submissive men work over the taller dominant guy.

We took the action of the bar and later there was cum flying after we all got to our place.
It is amazing what a weeks worth of cum tastes like when you lick it up and then share it with two guys while kissing.

It is time to get to bed so I can be fresh and rested tomorrow...I will be out and about all week but wearing a jock that will collecting sweat, a bit of piss and a load or two at our buddies request.

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