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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Finnish sure know how to finish

Last night I attended a "closed door" party that a friend puts on every week.
My husband was in Orange County for work and he gave me permission to have some fun.

I arrived a bit early and it was busy, but not packed. Eventually one guy did finally take his pants off to walk around in a jock.
Not being sure what I was going to do, I chose to wear a muscle shirt and jeans but my jock also.
Two friends showed up and then more started arriving. I was told by more than a few that I should not be so dressed and I checked everything but the jock, my shoes and baseball hat.
Then I went out into the party.

One of the friends I was meeting brought a date - who turned out to be a fuck buddy of me and my husband. We have only met up at other parties but he has a very thick fat cock.
I was planning to swallow a load from a friend that fucked 7 guys already but had not cum.
He and I have played in a back room before but he can also be a bit shy - so I was going to let him call the shots of when I got on my knees. I was up for some play before that.
I headed towards the back of the room and started to check the scene out.
While in the back I see "date boy" getting sucked. I head over to say hello and he asked if he could fuck me.
Well, normally for that size I need some poppers and mentioned that to him. He did not have any but there was a helpful guy that was willing to eat my ass and lube it up for us.
When I thought it would slide in, I turned around and backed on to his cock.
Well, you know how there are always those cocks that you think "no way in hell will that fit" but they slide in like a greased up sausage....this was one of those times.
I leaned over and he started to plow my ass right there in front of the crowd.
A few guys there were surprised to see me getting that huge cock and with only some spit.
Their eyes got very wide and the smiles got wider.

Not wanting to shoot my load at the time, and the fact that it went to about 100 degrees with everyone sweating, my top buddy took a break. That left me free to roam the crowd some more.
I saw a few other massive hung guys that I have sucked off at this party in the past and went over.
They recognized me and let me have a swing on their cocks. My mouth was being stretched to the maximum with about 5 cocks that were over 9 inches but also over 6 inches around or a mushroom head that could fill an ass tighter than a champagne cork. One guy even commented that when he saw me, he knew there would be a huge cock in front of me.

After getting a drink from my friend, I ran into "date boy" again. We were standing near the open door and it was much cooler. He asked if there was any reason no one was playing up that way. I said that it was probably ok but no one wanted to be the first one.
Then I heard my friend that hosts this party ask to see some cocks out. I passed along the info to my buddy and he pulled out his fat cock.
Well, that got the host's attention!
Then "date boy" and I decided to have him fuck me right there, in front of the entire room. I said sure and turned around. I grab the bar stool in front of me and leaned over.
He slid right up behind me and we started to fuck.
I could see guys to the right, and guys to the left watching. Someone commented that a guy was being fucked and all eyes turned our way.
There I was in my jock being rode hard and fast, stroking my cock and taking every inch that was being pounded into me.
More than once I was close to shooting all over the floor and I would just stop stroking and give his cock a tight squeeze with my ass.
Unfortunately my top was still a long ways off from cumming, so we put on a good 5 minute fuck show and I headed back to the crowd.

A small group had formed and I went to see what the attraction was.
There were two shaved/buzzed head guys and one was uncut and hung. I saw at least 10 inches of cock. You know what I had to do.
There were a few people all trying to get their attention so I just waited and when I got the look to proceed I got down and swallowed him. He was thick enough to fill my mouth and he knew it.
After the first deep throat and having his balls on my chin he took over the face fuck. I had to breathe and relax, then he piston fucked my face for a few good strokes.
Not wanting to be greedy I let the other guy have a shot at this cock.
This back and forth went on for more than ten minutes. Then the uncut horse cock let me have another shot at him. I sucked and deep throat swallowed every inch, then stood up and said that I would love to have his load all over my face.
He gave me that look that said "it may be awhile" and I said ok.
Well, within 5 minutes of that look the other guy he was with started to shoot his load onto the ground.
Uncut horse cock saw that and while I was on my knees we both looked at each other and he nodded. It was now time for him to blow his load!
I looked up and he took my head in one hand and his cock in the other. He stroked about 5 quick times and let it fly.

HOLY SHIT - the first rope of cum went up over my eye and would have sailed past me but hit the hat, and then dropped down my face. Then he shot the next few ropes of spunk. He was aiming that cock at all parts of my face. Spurt two, then three, four and five.
Both eyes were covered, my mouth, cheeks and nose.
After he was done I was completely and literally drenched in his cum.

As I stood up, I could see him smiling and I just had to say "Thanks!!" He nodded again and smiled - he knew a cum pig had gotten his wish.
That was when I heard someone ask where they were from and the other guy said Finland.

Well, now I know that I have got to get my husband to take us to Finland.

As I was getting my clothes, I asked the host for a napkin to wipe what I had not eaten off of my face.
As he handed it to me he commented that he was glad that he could "see" I had a good time - all around.

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Logan said...

I was in Finland last summer. Best time of my life!