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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brazilian sausage fills me

Awhile back I had the pleasure of running into a tall dark haired visitor. He and I played at my favorite secluded bathroom and he fed me a couple of hot loads...

Then today he sent me a text and asked if I was free to play.
I was not free all day, but had to say that I would be available, after all I did have fun with him every time.
When I asked about when and where, he mentioned that he was at his apartment alone.
Well, all righty then!

I hopped on the underground train and headed to his area. It was only a few minutes away and soon I was downstairs.
He came down and took me up to the apartment.

Right away we started kissing as he started to undress me and get undressed.

He loves the piercings and made a point of pulling up my shirt to get at my nipples. While he was getting those firm with some tugging, I was pulling out his hard uncut cock.
No sooner was he in my mouth, and we were both heading towards the bed.
With him reclined on the bed, I got down on my knees and swallowed his cock as far down as I could.
After some hot deep throat and slurping, he asked if I liked poppers...and you know the answer was YES.

While he stood up to get them, I pulled off my pants and briefs.
As he was back on the bed and after a hit of poppers, I went back down on his cock.
At this point he asked if I was top or bottom, and I said it depended. Then he leaned back to undo his shoes and get completely undressed.
As he was on his back with legs up, I went down to his ass and began rimming and licking as he pulled off his shoes and socks.
Teasing his slightly hairy hole with my tongue and lips was tantalizing and he had that fresh showered but musky man smell...awesome!

Then it was back to more cock sucking and kissing.
He would let me feast on his swollen cock, then switch to his balls (they were sensitive but he loved to have them swirled around in my mouth) and then he would pull my head up to his for more kissing.
After swapping spit, one of us would lead my head down to his nipples. They had been pierced and I used my teeth and tongue to work them to harder nubs.

Soon he was ready for more.
He stood up with another hit of poppers directed me onto my knees. He reached into a drawer and pulled out some lube and a condom.
I do love the feel of a hot uncut man plowing my ass, and if he wants to use a rubber that is fine with me.

He told me to lay flat on my stomach and he slid closer to my ass.
Being a tight fit, his first thrust was an eye opener and he grabbed some more lube, and then it was time for the plowing to begin.
He slid in until his balls were resting against mine and I squeezed his cock with my ass.
That seemed to spur him on and soon he was bucking and fucking my ass.

He pounded my ass, and in between his thrusts I used my ass to work his cock in deeper.
With a final shove, he unleashed a load that I could feel explode as his shaft expanded in my tight hole.

As he pulled out, the condom was filled with a thick massive load.

Alas, he is only here for a few more weeks, but we did share contact info and now I have a reason to visit Brazil.

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