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Sunday, January 27, 2013

44 loads of frozen cum for my birthday

So, last year I wanted to get 44 loads of cum for my birthday in Europe.   As a second idea, I thought getting multiple guys to freeze and send me their loads would be hot...but that is easier thought than

A buddy that cums multiple times and has been part of the lunch groups offered to freeze all of his own loads and give them to me.

Today we met up and he brought my 44 loads of cum.   FUCK!

I started off with using some of the thawed cum on his cock, and then I gave him a blowjob.  Well, we both could smell that sweet cum scent and I kept putting more and more on until he had to blow a fresh load.
Then we got down to business.

We had no plan, so it started out with just getting more of the cum to thaw and I would taste more and more of it.  Then the aroma was so strong that I just had to become a cum pig and go with whatever came to mind.
I drank some, put some on my cock to jack and then tasted some more.

The cum was still a fairly solid block of ice...sort of a spooge slushie.  I did not want to waste too much, and I suddenly had an idea of it all being shoved up my ass.
I asked if he wanted to see that and he agreed.

I turned around and used the inch thick piece of cumsicle to breed my ass.

It was starting to melt and just thinking of him shooting all of the cum over the past month made it even hotter.
As more of it slid into my ass, I was hard as a fucking rock.

He was taking the video and I told him it was all about to fill my ass...and then I pushed.  I could feel the thick ropes of cum that had frozen as they slid around my cum drenched fingers.
FUCK - I now had probable 30 or more loads of cum in my ass ( after all, I had already used up some for the jacking and blowjob), and I was beyond cum pig mode!

He used his finger to play with my hole and work some of the spilled seed back into my eager hole.

We were both so turned on, and jacking our cocks.

Then I noticed that there was more thaw cum in the container, so I told him that I wanted to swallow it.
I sat up and opened wide...and tilted the container.   One load slid out onto my tongue, and I swallowwed.   I could see the ropes of cum swimming and tilted to get more into my mouth.
At that point I was thinking of the 30 loads in my ass, the extra cum on my tongue and the spunk in the jar - and I poured it.
Yes, some did spill but I wanted to just be covered in his juice and it was one of the hottest moments.
All of that cum on my face and chest was sending an overwhelming smell of man spunk, and it was fucking fantastic. 

My buddy was jacking his cock while watching me in my cum pig haze, and I leaned back to let him see my cum filled ass as I jerked off.

By the time it was over, I was a sticky dry cum covered load filled cum slut.

And of course, after we showered I got back on my knees and took his cock in my mouth.  He was not sure whether a load would come, but as he got harder and harder I knew it would.

Sure enough, he started to moan and said that he was about to cum.  This time I kept his cock buried and swallowed every last ounce. 

So, in the end he ended up bringing me 44 of his loads and giving me two more.   Fuck, what a hot belated birthday gift.


Anonymous said...

god, that was hot, wish I was there to suck those loads of your hot furry face...good work man

Anonymous said...

god, that was hot, wish I was there to suck those loads of your hot furry face...good work man

Anonymous said...

Incredible. Such devotion to cum.

Can I ask why you showered after? I would have tried to not shower for days. But perhaps I am more obsessed by the aroma than you.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of doing this for my bf, if somehow I can keep him from finding them in the freezer. Reading how hot your experience was, I know he'll love it... but I'm sure it'll all going to end up in his ass.

You also reminded my his bday is coming up, so I can time it for that... I've got some work to do!