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Friday, July 9, 2010

Tall blond model and then an uncut fur bear

Sorry for such a long and other factors have been playing a large role in sidelining my blog time.

Today we made up for it though.

I was wondering my favorite tearoom haunts downtown and just when I was ready to call it an afternoon I was heading out and saw a hot blond at the urinals.
Sun bleached hair, short and spiky- tight fitting pants that stretched just taut enough over his ass to be enticing and a short blond beard. He could easily pass for late 20's.
He seemed too damn hot to be available but then again I also have known that to be an incorrect line of I stood at the sinks washing my hands and then went back to the urinal.
He had wandered over to the sink by then, so I just waited and sure enough he first went to a stall and kept checking me out.

I was glancing over my shoulder and slowly stroking.
When he walked over to stand next to me he was already fully hard and sporting a good eight inches of cock with a nice mushroom head on the end.
Not wanting to lose the opportunity, I motioned with my head to the back stall and he nodded.

We both headed back there and just as we shut the door another guy came in. I wasted no time in dropping my backpack and getting on my knees.
The hung blond had that cock back out and I swallowed it to the base and came back off slowly. Perfect size to fill my mouth and have no gag.
Now that we were locked in I wanted to be sure and get those balls emptied.
I went down on his cock and started bobbing up and down on it while cupping his balls in my hand. After about four or five strokes with my tongue and throat I would work on the head and then repeat it all over.
Soon enough he said that he was ready to cum.
All I could do was nod my head and pick up the pace to let him know that blasting right down my gullet was the best idea.

He took the hint and I felt the shaft swell and the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I shoved his cock further down my throat and let him fire away. Feeling the mushroom head spilling that cum into my waiting guts was awesome and after he finished I just savored the taste and then let him pull his cock out and slip it into his pants.

The third guy said he only wanted to watch and I headed out. While going downstairs I happened to pass the blond and said another thanks. Hope to run into him again but if not, once is always hot.

Now onto the second load.

Having one hot load led me to think that maybe there were others just waiting to be know how it is, sometimes the stars are aligned and you can get multiples.

Saw a guy walking into the tearoom - tall, beard and while not a large bear he had that very hot stocky build that I find appealing on the right guys. He took care of himself but he was just a big guy....well, he was BIG all over.

He was standing next to me stroking and I thought it looked like an uncut cock but it was hard to tell and then we got interrupted. On a second try he stood further down and I got to see just how large he was growing and it was indeed uncut. HOT!!!

After trying a few times to get him to let me either hold or swallow it, I suggested that we head out. I told him about a spot I knew with an empty locking bathroom but he said that after edging for three hours he was ready to head out.
I did not want to see a guy go with balls that full and aching for release. I said that there was always the retail store but we had to share a stall. He said sure and off we went.

Luckily it was pretty empty so we both high-tailed it to the last stall and shut the door.
Right away he said the he was so close that it would not be long - I said that was fine and not to worry.
He pulled out a semi firm cock and it was awesome. Uncut, thick and growing fast.
Since he was probably over six foot two, I only needed to kneel and it was right at my mouth.
I slid his cock into my mouth and got to work.
Saying he was close to shooting told me that I had to get him rock hard and really make it worth the time. As he got to the edge his shaft instantly went from being a mouth full to a mouth stretcher.
I tried to deep throat and got the entire length in but damn it was a tight fit.
Rock hard, skin pulled taut over the head and he tells me it is time.

Well, I was ready but that first load filled my mouth and immediately shoved his cock further down so that I would not miss any and it would not have anywhere to go but down.
Volley after volley of cum was washing down my throat but I could taste it and smell it - that is what I love about those massive loads ....the taste and smell just ooze out of your mouth and nose and you can savor it long after it is filling your guts.

After he shot all of his load I kept his cock in my mouth and he started pulling back the skin and letting me devour every inch and lick it clean. Damn that was one huge cock was all I could think.
I stood up and he said "I told you it would be quick" to which I just replied "NO!, and of course "thanks!".

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