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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chance encounter with hot cub while shopping

It can be amazing how much cock there is in town sometimes.

Earlier I had a chance to swallow a tasty uncut cock and get a full load all over my face and have it fed to me. Later in the day I wanted to get something to eat and went to a local shopping district with restaurants and other options.
I was heading upstairs when I saw a hot young cub walking by. I made eye contact and said to myself (but still loud enough for him to hear or at least read my lips) "that is HOT!"...he and I kept walking and I did not expect to see him again.

I went into one of the tearooms on my way out and happened to see him walk behind me and go into a stall. Hmmm.....
Standing there, I was hoping to get some kind of indication that he was looking but I could not see into the stall. As I was about to head out I saw another cruiser walk in and he pushed on the door, it opened and there was my hot cub semi standing up. The other guy was surprised and turned around.
Before I could make a move, there was someone else walking in and he did the same thing. Ok, now I knew that I had to head off anyone else because that was going to be mine.
Once the coast was clear, I went in and the guy nodded his head that I was ok to enter.
I instantly locked the door and headed over. He stood up and I saw he was pierced, same as me.

He mentioned that he was nervous and knowing that this place was getting busy I told him to follow me out.
I left the stall and there was a guy standing there, but he was a cruiser and we just walked past him. After we were outside I took him down the hall and went into a back area that I am familiar with.
We went past a few doors and when I was sure we were in a good spot we stopped and I told him it was cool.

Let me take a moment to share that this young guy was probably late 20's or very early 30's, bearded, muscular with a full firm jean filling ass and a sexy smile. Right away he leans over and says that he recognized me from my videos.
Extra hot, because now we both know what we want and I am ready for another hot load.

As I said, he was pierced and when I pulled his pants further down he was getting semi hard already so I just got down on my knees right there and swallowed it all.
In the past I have shared how much I like finding a guy that goes from soft to hard while I am sucking him - this was to be one of those hot times.
Spending a few minutes working on the piercing and shaft with my tongue rewarded me with a firmer and firmer cock to work on.
He was moaning more with each swallow down to his balls and then I would pull back enough to work more of the head with my tongue. I have always heard stories of guys being afraid of a pierced cock but my motto is that if you do it right, you don't have anything to be worried about.

After about 5 minutes of slurping and sucking, I unbuttoned my shirt to let him work on my nipples a bit and he pulled his t-shirt over his head. I reached up and was working his nipples as I took all of his cock into my mouth over and over.
He told me that he wanted to feed me his load into the back of my throat and asked if that was ok....I could only nod my head vigorously and moaned louder around the shaft.
That put about 50% more blood into his already engorged cock because it was instantly rock solid and about to blast through the back of my throat as he fucked my face.

I opened up my throat and mouth, and he was fucking my face. Sliding his piercing along the top of my tongue and as it hit the tip I would wrap my tongue around and slurp his cock back in.
Over and over like that put him over the edge.
He shoved further in and I knew he was close to filling my guts directly with cum. He let out a loud moan and suddenly my mouth filled with sperm.
There was so much, so fast that I almost choked but I swallowed quickly and let the second batch fill my mouth again. I kept my mouth on his cock until he was completely spent and then I used my tongue to sweep up the last few drops.
After his cock was going down, I used my hand and milked the last few drops and licked his piercing clean.

As we both got dressed again, we walked downstairs and headed outside. I asked if he lived around the area but he was only in town for one night and would be heading back home later in the day.
Maybe in the future he will make a return trip and let me know...

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