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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fucked and bred before shooting weeks worth of cum

While we were all hanging out by pool a hot newcomer walked past us and up to his room. My first thought on seeing him was that if everything was proportionate I wanted a taste of it.
As he walked by I checked him out along with everyone else - and he was a topic of conversation that afternoon.
Tall, swimmer build, military cut and an ass that seemed to able to have quarters bounce of it. The package in front was covered but I could only imagine....

That night we had gone out to dinner and decided to head back to cruise around and see what we could fin.
My husband went one way but he also asked that I either stay public or take it back to our room. No problem there, I said.
I made a loop around the pools and hot tub but did not find anyone interested or there was no one in the area.
The back pool area was where the hot tall newcomer was rooming, so I headed over there.
As I walked by his room he opened the door and came out in a towel. Not knowing if he was going to the pool or not I walked on another foot but watched him. He let the towel slip and I saw he was naked underneath.
As I walked past and stopped I turned around and stared. He grabbed his crotch and rubbed it.
Taking that as my cue, I walked back and pulled his towel off.
I was not prepared for the tasty cut thick cock that sprung out at me. At least 8 inches with a slight down curve and the best looking mushroom head I have seen.
Well, you know me....I wasted no more time on going down to my knees and swallowing it all down.

Deep throating him was a challenge because of the seemed to be the size of a large plum and really filled my throat - but no, that did not stop me!
Slurping on that cock right out in the open had me rock hard and him as well. He took my head and directed me down on his shaft.
After a few minutes of that we decided to take it to a room - I suggested mine.
He and I walked over and I opened the door. He followed me and I adjusted the blinds so someone walking by could see.
I turned around and he was standing at full attention - literally.
As I walked towards him, he leaned back on the bed and I got between his legs. I pulled his cock into my mouth and slowly devoured it. Now that I could concentrate on it, I was going to give it my full attention and he was not leaving with any cum left in those balls.
From what we both learned out on his walkway, I was eager to deep throat and work a load out of his balls and he wanted his cock buried to the balls.
Speaking of his balls, they were the perfect size for pulling into my mouth - both at the same time.
Taking a break from those balls and cock left me with his smooth hole to work on. He pulled his legs back to give me access and I dove in with my tongue and stared eating his ass like it was my last meal. He had a sweet tasting hole and I was gorging myself on everything.
We kept this up for close to ten minutes and then I stood up and he motioned for me to turn around - we had not talked about fucking and after being able to taste that ass I really had no idea whether I wanted to be fucked or fuck him more.

There was a bottle of lube next to the bed, he grabbed it and then aimed straight for my hole.
Now remember, that mushroom head was massive and it was going to be felt COMPLETELY while spreading me open...but I was now up for anything.
He pushed forward and my hole spread open to swallow the head and then I felt my ass close around his shaft and pull it in.
Slowly he fucked me and let me feel every inch. He would plow and fuck and then I would take control and push my ass back on his cock. I wanted that load and if it went in my ass, that was fine with me.

I have not mentioned it yet but my husband had come into the room and he was there watching me get royally fucked and telling him to load my ass.
Soon enough I heard the grunting of a top letting his cock unload. Feeling that shaft expand and the head ballooning in my ass as his seed spilled out was hot as hell.

My husband and I knew that my load had been building for a week and there was no way I was going to get out of that room with my balls full.
With my top's cock still buried in my ass and that head plugging it he reached around and started stroking my cock.
He stroked my and then I would take a hold of my cock and them my husband would swallow my throbbing cock - and we repeated this until I was ready.
The thought of my ass filled with cock and cum, and the stroking led me to an unbelievable orgasm.
I let out a huge moan and as my cum started to fly my husband was down on it and began swallowing it.
Spurt after spurt of the week full load went into his mouth and some had to ooze out.

Once I was fully spent, he came up and gave me a kiss and I could taste my cum.

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