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Thursday, June 10, 2010

First day in Key West we met a hot couple for fun

This is from our trip to Florida over Memorial Day weekend. I was not able to share it immediately because of computer issues and then getting back to work but here is how we arrived in Key West....

We made the drive down from Fort Lauderdale to Key West in the middle of the week. We had a room booked at an all male gay resort and arrived early in the afternoon.
It was blistering hot and humid so we checked in and headed to the bar. The bar was next to the pool and due to an upgrade our room was directly in front of it.
Opening the french doors to our room and you only had to walk a few feet and there you were.

During the afternoon I was in the pool bare ass naked and there was a couple sitting at the bar.
At one point I was standing there and one of the guys wanted to ask a question - he asked if I had any videos ....and I knew exactly what he meant - my Xtube postings.
I told him yes and he instantly had a grin from ear to ear. He told me that he was trying to convince his boyfriend that I was the person he would see and jack off to.

Well, during the afternoon I was on the roof with a hung guy and sucking him off - while giving a deep throat performance the Xtube voyeur walked up and caught the action. He did not stick around but he saw me in action.
After the guy shot his load, I went back down to the bar.

Sitting there I struck up another conversation with the Xtube viewer and his boyfriend. The talk got around to seeing me in person and I mentioned that I always like to meet the guys that watch the videos and some of them are personal requests after meeting face to face.
He mentioned that his boyfriend was very hung and that he would love to see me servicing. I said that was fine with me and our room was right behind us.
Of course, the boyfriend had to agree and he was a bit nervous. We kept talking about my love of cum and desire to be sure the guy I am sucking is able to sit back and just enjoy the service.
Finally it was agreed that we would go in and I would suck both of them off.
We were not going to take any video - it would just be a chance for them to have a personal show.

We went into the room and they pulled out their cocks. Well, I know some guys are thick but when the boyfriend was aiming his cock at my face, I was not sure it would all fit in my mouth.
Tasty looking mushroom head and it seemed to be close to 7 inches around and longer than that from balls to head.
I slowly swallowed everything I could and there was a bit left - it was just that wide. Naturally I was hard as a rock myself.
Going back down on that wide cock, I was slowly able to get more and more into my mouth. He had some pretty hefty nuts and I was enjoying feeling the weight of them in my hand as I gripped his shaft.
After a couple of minutes, the door opened and my husband walked in - he knew I was going to be servicing the two guys after he saw us all go into the room.
Right away he and the first guy seemed to connect, so the next thing I knew they were in the bathroom and my husband was on his knees polishing off that cock.

My extra wide hung cock feeder laid back on the bed and told me to come up and continue the service. I climbed onto the bed and went back to work.
Slowly sliding down to try avoid any teeth and at the same time to let my breathing work around that massive shaft.
He had his eyes closed and a faint smile on his lips when I looked up at his face. He would then direct my mouth and hands to get him to the edge and then back off.
I lost track of time while slurping away but as he got to the final edge he started to jack his cock and let me know when it was time to let the cum fly.
When he said he was cumming, I went back down and caught spurt after spurt of his hot spunk. Not only was he extra wide and a mouth full - his load was sweet and filled my mouth to the brim before letting it slowly slide down my throat.

After we finished our scene, the other two finished and we all went back outside to the bar. We talked a bit more and then exchanged contact info.
You never know, maybe they will make a trip out and we can try to get a pic or two to matter what, it was a perfect way to arrive in Key West!

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