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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hung top takes my load in the pool and then....

The day after getting fucked and bred by the mushroom head hung guy we were all hanging out by the pool once again.

I inquired whether he was finally able to fall asleep and he smiled and said yes. I was in the pool just floating bare ass on the mats when he decided to join me.
Originally he was wearing a swim suit but before entering the pool he took it off.
As we were in the shallow end I could see that he was sporting a full-on rock hard erection.
Well, I am not one to let that go without notice and I reached out to stroke him.
The floating mats were able to cover some of what I was doing but my husband sitting by the pool and one of our fellow guests could see everything.

Deciding to keep the action going, we moved over by the wall. I was facing the pool side and he was facing me.
Looking down into the water I could see that mushroom head staring back at me. I wanted to swallow his load but he seemed to have other ideas.
Eating his ass the night before, I knew it was tight and would feel like a perfectly fit leather glove around my cock.
We moved closer together and while he stroked my cock, I was working my fingers on his hole.

Being in the pool, we had no lube but after some work he pulled my cock closer to his hole. I relaxed and let him direct the force since it was his ass being spread open with my cock and the piercing without lube.
Ever so slowly we sat there next to the wall, my hands on either side to hold me in place and him easing his ass down onto my cock. I pulled his left leg up and he kept it on my arm, giving me that much more access to his hole.
Finally I was all the way in. It was tighter than I imagined but hot and gripping my cock. I began a slow and steady fuck.
With no desire to share his ass with everyone and also because the staff were walking around and neither of us wanted to be told to find our rooms we were trying to not make too much splash.
Thrusting into his ass so slow that he felt every inch kept his cock rock hard.
I would stroke him a bit but then I had to grab the wall to keep myself steady and buried to the hilt.
Fucking an ass in a pool is not a problem but to do it so that no one notices took a bit of work and actually made it extra sensual. I was slowly pulling my cock out until just the head was left in and then push up with a bit more force and then when I was up to my balls in his ass we would start kissing.

During this whole time my husband was sitting about ten feet from us and another guest was floating in the pool about five feet away.
Once I knew that staff were not around I started to pick up the pace and fuck him harder.
Gripping the wall I would shove my hips forward, bury to the hilt and lift him a bit out of the water. Feeling his ass tighten around the shaft kept putting me closer to the edge.
I don't know how long we were fucking but finally I looked into his eyes and let him know that I was ready to finish.
Picking up the tempo and not caring who saw, I grabbed the walll and fucked him until I was on the verge of filling his ass with my load. I forced my cock up into his ass, kept it there and shot load after load of spunk up into his hole.

After a couple of minutes, he slowly slid off and remarked that it was a perfect way to relax in a pool. I mentioned that my husband would probably like to relax as well.
He said that sounded hot and he wanted to have another load in his ass.
We waited a couple more minutes and I told my husband that we were all going to finish in the room.

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Marc said...

Wow! A great scene, would love to try that sometime.