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Monday, February 7, 2011

Multiple load weekend

The weekend started out with me, a group of friends and my husband all in the mood for some hot action.
The weather was unseasonably warm and you know that brings out the horny in everyone.

Saturday night we were in a club and I buried my cock up the ass of two guys, and had the pleasure of swallowing some hot cocks and even a couple of loads....

But the real fun for me was on Sunday.

Superbowl parties can be ok, however I find that when the game is on and those of that would rather suck and fuck it is easier to sneak away and partake.

One friend was walking down the street and I was on my way back to the club and my husband. Our friend came along but he also mentioned that he was horny.
In the past I have made the offer to swallow his uncut cock and he knows what I can do with my tongue. He is concerned about his employer and so the public scene is not ideal.
I told him that I could take him somewhere that was public but very quiet and we would not be interrupted.
Eventually his hormones took over and we agreed to head up the street.

He went in first and I followed behind. I walked up to him and pulled out that thick uncut cock.
Foreskin hanging over the head ( my husbands favorite version) and those cum filled balls just hanging so low.
Right away I took his cock and began sucking and working my tongue up under that hood.. My friend has a thick cock and I never realized how massive his balls were until I was holding them in my hand while his cock was buried to the base.
As I worked my tongue under that skin and stroked his shaft, he got closer to the edge.
Once I felt him starting to swell and his breathing began to get heavier I knew it was time.
With a nice loud grunt he started spewing the first load of cum into my mouth. My filled instantly due to the volume and I swallowed it eagerly.
Hot, sweet and thick cum...perfect way to end a superbowl party.

The second load of my afternoon came soon after. I was walking by the bathroom and caught the eye of a hot man sitting nearby.
After I headed into the trough area, he followed along. Both of were standing there smiling and once I knew he was up for some action I got down to business.
We were alone in the bathroom so I had no problem with just leaning over and sucking his thick cock.
Nice big mushroom head, thick straight shaft and all attached to a 6'3" lean swimmer's frame.
He was a turned on as me and was leaking pre cum like a faucet. Once he knew I wanted to take the whole cock, he started fucking my throat right there. Fast and furious pounding and I was holding myself up so that he could just piston fuck my face.
As it usually happens when you are at a urinal or trough, the excitement builds quickly and he was soon yelling out that he was unloading and I had to swallow fast to catch it all.
Damn, so fucking thick and tasty.

Now, for the third load I actually had the chance to swallow a buddy that I have fluffed over the past few years in many locations. Bars, patios, alleys...anywhere that we all gather and I can take it out.
The picture is one taken by a friend of ours and it does not do justice to how this this cock really is.
Even I have to stretch to get it all in but when it goes down, it goes all the way down.
I had run into this guy late in the afternoon and told him that he should meet me at another location where I frequent and I can suck him off. He said the sounded good.

Sometimes he and I cross paths but today I still hungry after my two loads and when I went looking for me, who do I see getting sucked? Yep, my extra hung thick buddy.

He sees me and right away he wants my mouth on his head and the shaft down my throat. Because it is a popular cock, I plan to wait but he has other ideas and pushed the cocksucker that is on his cock to the side.
I go right down and begin to work his load out. Well, sometimes cock sucking is a contact sport.
The guy that was politely told no kept trying to get back in and my buddy was doing his best to keep my mouth on him.
Eventually I could see that we would be better off moving to another spot.

I stood up and walked over, and he followed along. That gave us a moment for everyone to acknowledge that we were to finish together.
The crowd gathered around and I got back down on his cock....and oh, it was not long before I was being white washed in sperm.
All sides of my beard, on my lips and some splattered onto my tongue.


NVguy707 said...

I really wish I knew where to go in sf to suck some dick. I live up in napa but in the city often.

Anonymous said...

God damn that's a thick cock! -t