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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Authentic New York beef steak

Wow, it has been too long since I have had some fun to share.

Recently I have been getting more hits and chats on a very popular phone app for furry men and their admirers.
Just about anyone with a smartphone and an interest in scruffy men know the one.

Today I had a guy start up a chat, and the profile pic alone got my attention.

Mid 20's, dark fur - thick and covering the entire chest along with a full black beard. My guess would have been full blooded Italian...YUM! He is visiting the city and was taking advantage of the hot sunny day to relax in the park.

He asked me how I would welcome a NY visitor, and I told him that it would involve a stall by my location...
As I was walking around he sent me a note that he was headed my way. I told him to text me.
Within 5 minutes we were connecting via text and then we met face to face.

Taller than me, dark eyes - full dark black beard and a body that says he could throw me down on the ground.

I led the way and we headed to the stalls. Small talk told me that he was a NY native and just out here on vacation.
Once we passed through the main doors I could tell it was dead quiet. Perfect for a quick blow and go.

I shut the stall door and the action began...

I unbuttoned his shirt far enough to see a massive chest covered in soft black hair. Meannwhile he had begun to undo my pants, so I joined the fun and grabbed his belt to unleash his cock.
As his pants slid open and I saw the bulge in his shorts I was not sure what to expect...
I can only say that Italians do indeed have some amazingly THICK meat and my mouth watered.
Reaching out to grab the shaft, it filled my hand. Over 7 inches of meat, fist full and a pair of fur coated balls.

Not wasting time, I leaned down and swallowed his cock. That lasted seconds before I had to get down on my knees and give it the proper attention it deserved.
In this position I was ready to deep throat him to his balls. And, of course I did!

Holding onto his cum filled balls, I slid his shaft and head down my throat and felt the silky smoothness hitting the back of my throat and shoved it further. To gain every inch, I took off my baseball hat and went back to work.
As I pushed his balls forward and took the shaft, he let out a few moans that told me to keep going.

As I came up for air, he let out his breath. After going back down again he let me know that it was close and he wanted to pause for a second. I let him get his breath back and gain control and then I licked his cock from balls to head...and then swallowed his shaft down to the balls once again.

I looked up and he told me " I could cum right now" and I said that was fine and with a smile I went back down.
Using my fist to grasp his balls, I gave his cock a deep throat mouth fucking that lasted for a few strokes and then I felt the shaft expand.
At the same time he let out a moan, and then the balls exploded in my mouth.

Thick cum filled my mouth and I could actually feel the next shot as it blasted into the load already there.
Three or four more spurts and I had to swallow. I grabbed his shaft and milked the last few drops.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I enjoyed the spit soaked head and gave him one last lick to be sure every ounce of cum was accounted for.

We got our pants back on and made a successful exit.
He is in town for a few more days, so maybe there will be round two or three...

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