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Friday, September 9, 2016

Southern men come visiting and unload

Over the past 13 months I have had a chance to start making friends, and even have a few buddies that like to see my face/mouth upstairs in the bars, or over in the corner near a pool table.

As many of you know, we have an annual weekend of debauchery over Labor Day weekend here in New Orleans...and this time I got to partake in some hot balcony action.

It was a hot humid day - ok, yeah it is always that way- and we headed up to see who was around.  As I walked out of the bar and onto the balcony something caught my eye.  A rock hard cock with a mushroom head glistening in the sun while standing at attention.

Not being shy, as it was a randy weekend, I reached out and took it into my hands.  I looked him in the eye and just motioned inside.    He followed along, and I dropped to my knees next to the pool table.

Now, this was during the day and the room was full of men.  Most were sipping cocktails, but some were friends and they took notice.   As the guy's cock was filling my mouth a few of the other men began to stroke their hardening cocks, and move closer to watch.
You know I did not mind.

While on my knees, my cock feeder was really beginning to leak pre-cum so I leaned up and said "you can cum on my face, and make we walk out of here covered".  He grinned ear to ear and said yes.

I went back to work, using my tongue and lips to swirl around his mushroom head until he started to moan and let me know it was time.
Eagerly I pulled back and let him stroke that load onto my face.  Cheeks, lips and mouth were coated with his tasty spunk.

As I was there on my knees I did motion for a few bystanders to come over and add more.   Well, let's just say that things got started, and there were cocks waving in my face for a bit longer....

And wait, there's more....

My husband was outside chatting up a hot dark haired guy.  As I approached, I remember a large veined cock distracting me, and I absolutely had to drop and take care of it.    Yes, you guessed was the guy my husband was with.

Now, while I was having a huge blast just devouring every inch, and tasting the precum I could sense that this guy was also enjoying rubbing up against my husband's hard shaft.    As you would expect in a group balcony scene, there was another cocksucker nearby that wanted a taste...I stepped back for a moment to share.

While the other guy was down on the cock, the guy leaned over and whispered that he liked my blowjob skills.  I smiled, knelt back down and gently took the cock.   This back and forth with my co-cocksucker went on for a few minutes, and then I decided to ramp up my game.

Swallowing as much cock as possible down my throat, and playing with his cum filled balls I picked up the tempo.   Deep throat, pull up and give a quick lick of the head and right back down, all the while stroking any shaft that was not on m tongue.

Slurp, lick and repeat.  Slurp, lick and repeat.

Between the attention on his cock, and rubbing his ass onto a thick hard shaft it was not long before he announced that it was time to unleash his sperm.

This young guy must have been working up a load, because when he did let loose it was pouring out into my mouth.   Naturally some hit other body parts, but I did my best to take care of every drop.

Stay tuned for more to cum....


Anonymous said...

Wow, so glad to see you are back in action and telling us all about it. You were gone way too long! Hope all is well and keep "up" the good work.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're finally back!