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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Young, and hung stud gives me an office load

Well, I finally did it.

After a year of seeing hot men traipsing around the office building halls, lobby, and bathrooms I finally got one to slide it under the stall.

I decided to log on to one of the better hook up apps for the area, and put a pic of my beard and chest...with the caveat of being a hungry, expert cocksucker.

A young guy said hello, and not being sure what company he worked for we both played it cool with the chat a bit.  Then he said "into?" know my answer.

I said that my primary was giving blow jobs, no strings and no reciprication needed...a simple blow and go.

He said that he wouldn't mind some head....

I mentioned a bathroom on one of the floors in a building that is pretty quiet.  Then I sent him a few pics - ones that you are all aware of since they are on here.   Here are the two that I sent.

He mentioned that the video was probably I told him it was on Xtube and gave him the screen name...

I offered that I was going to lunch soon...he said that he was too.   I told him to let me know...

A couple of hours later I got a message " you busy?".   I replied that I was ready for a break, and he replied that he was ready for some head.

I suggested the same bathroom.   He agreed, and off we went.

Getting there just before, I decided to take the last stall so that I could have some room to really get down and take what he had to offer.

Once he walked in and took the adjacent stall I leaned down and motioned for him to slide his cock under.   I saw him start to squat....muscular legs, some blond hairs...and then his cock.

Uncut - pink head, and thick...score!

Bathroom stallss are always hard to do, so I slid my head under so that I could really give him some deep throat action, and not miss an inch.  I was not worried about being anonymous, and he let me take it all.

The first six inches slid right over my tongue and into  my throat.  The last inch or two I worked on with my lips and tongue.
Now you know I am also a sucker (no pun intended) for hairy balls.   While I was leaning under the stall milking his cock, I spotted his low hanging nuts and knew that I had to taste them.

After a minute or so of some good ole fashioned knob polishing, I slid further under to lick his nut sac.  He took this as the chance to jack his cock a bit.  I was hoping to get the tip of my tongue onto his, what I assume will be hairy and sweaty ass, but then he motioned that I was needed back on the cock.

Back to duty!!

I swallowed all of it, and this time started using my hand a bit.   I do love a good mouth and hand full.

Damn, he was leaking so much precum that I almost thought he was shooting his load already.

More heavy cock sucking, and then I went back for another taste of his cum filled hairy balls.

Once again he took a jacking break, and then I went back to town on his shaft. He was moaning a bit, and his cock kept throbbing in my mouth.

Soon enough he let out a louder moan, and jacked his cock - then I felt the thick cum begin hitting my tongue...shot after sweet succulent shot.

I let him drain the last of his spunk, and then gave his cock head another good tongue washing before we both stood up.

As we were both heading out of the bathroom he looked back, and I told him "Thanks, and anytime. Anytime"

Perhaps he may want to video next time or take some pics....if so, I will see what I am allowed to share...

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Bruce Chang said...

So glad you're back to blogging! And sounds like you're settling in nicely to your new digs!