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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back on my feet and back on my knees - two loads at lunch!

Well, it has been about 8 weeks now and today I was on my lunch and thought it was time to swallow some cum.

I am definitely slower at walking but as you know I can be a determined cock hound.
I went over to the office building tearoom and luckily there was an occupant already in the stalls.
I took the one next to the wall and right away we were signaling mutual interest in under stall action.
The guy put his hand under the stall to stroke me and I put my cock under for him.
At first he played with the shaft, and pulled and then we heard someone else come in. After the third guy was settled I peeked under and determined that he was there for the same thing.

While I was looking under the stall, I saw the cock of the guy next to me and mouth dropped open while my cock got rock hard.
It was about 6 inches around and still soft. Huge mushroom head that would cork an ass faster than you could blink.
When it was determined that he wanted to feed me that cock, I put my mouth under and he shoved his cock up to my waiting lips.
I swallowed everything I could and was thinking that it was the same size as a buddy that has met and fucked me in a different tearoom.
He was signaling to shove my cock back under so I did and he was fingering my ass.
A fourth guy came in so we had to stop a minute.
While we were waiting to see what the newbie would do I peeked back under and sure enough it was my buddy!!
Yeah, the first cock I suck in eight weeks and it is a hung hot fucker I know already!!

Once we knew that all four were horny I went for the whole nine yards.
I got down so that I could swallow and stroke his cock and was rewarded with it getting larger and larger. I was down there swallowing and slurping - not really caring if I made noise since the other guys were jacking off.
With the perfect view of his cock I also took the advantage of seeing his balls and ass waiting for my tongue. I slid further under and gave his balls a few good licks.
Then he was stroking over my face and I was ready to cum without touching myself. He pushed his cock down so that it was aimed right at my mouth and let the cum fly.
I caught it on my lips and felt a thick heavy drop coating my goatee. Right on the corner of my lips so that I could lick it off.

I pulled my head back under and was relishing the taste of a hot cum load. It was time to head back to the office and I was satiated with cock juice...then I saw another buddy come in before I could leave.
He went to the last stall and I went in to the one next to him. Before I could even get my pants undone he was shoving his cock under.
I went down and swallowed it to the base. After a few minutes he asked if I had any loads and told him one.
He asked if I wanted to eat his ass and I said yes.
HOT - not only a load on my goatee and lips but now a hot tasty ass.
He wanted to fuck me right there and told me to show him my ass. I did and he told me to sit on his cock...we worked his cock into my ass but the angle was not great and before he could bury it to the bone he was coating my asshole with his juice.
I reached under and caught some on my mind and was fingering my ass while stroking my cock. So close to cumming but I held off and left the tearoom with my cock oozing pre cum all the way back to the office.


Atlantagent said...

Keep getting error messages, so it bears repeating. Glad you're back, wish you had caught that breeding session on video. Yay! Be well.

J said...

glad youre back