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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Almost back...medical update and a personal thanks

Sorry for this being another non sexual post but I have been getting many supportive emails from people I know and even those I have never met but are readers of my blog.


It has been a very long six weeks since my ski accident and while I am being allowed to walk again I have many weeks ahead of learning and dealing with residual pain.

My husband and I are traveling to Seattle Feb 13 - yes flying on Friday the 13th - and the friends we are going with know me well and know this blog well so keep your fingers crossed that I can find some hot locals.
For those that follow Imperial Court Coronations and know what I mean by that term, you will know why we are in Seattle that weekend.

And once I am back in San Francisco and can get around you know damn well I am going to be swallowing cocks and loads.

To the few guys that have recently contacted me - I am mobile and let's meet up!!

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A Lewis said...

Guess who else will be in Seattle this coming Saturday the 14th? Yep, you guessed it.