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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Young, hung and uncut

There must be something in the air today or it is just that the sun is out after so long.
Anyway, earlier I had an email asking about feeding me a load..which led me to want to get out and go shopping.
After I got back to the computer he had emailed again.
Since there was so much lag time I chalked it up to one of those times when the other guy really wanted it and already finished.

I had told him of a place nearby with large stalls for some privacy since he was a horny 27 yr old "bi discreet guy".
He wanted me in the handicap stall with the door unlocked.
This time of day it should be no problem I told him, so we arranged to meet up.
He lives or works by me so it was a quick meeting.

I got to the tearoom, and it was empty - perfect.

Not a minute later he shows up and enters the unlocked stall.
Dark hair, baseball cap, backpack and those baggy jeans the younger crowd likes.
He did not say how large he was or that he was uncut.
You know I was smiling when his pants went down and out of his boxers came that foreskin.
He was soft and right away I went to work on the foreskin and pulling the shaft down to work it all with my tongue and throat.
Soon enough he was getting bigger and thicker.

After a few minutes he reached full hard on and I back off to admire the full size.
Just that perfect amount of skin to barely cover the head - just what I lilke.
And the girth - that was amazing how large he grew.
He was probably 7x5 and a nice slight up curve.
Now that he was fully hard I began to suck the way I think uncut should be...taking it all down the throat and on the upslide using the mouth and tongue to work the foreskin up, down and all around.
He got into the rythym and we started fucking my throat with his cock and I had my nose buried against his stomach.
From the sounds he was making, I don't think either many guys can take him all the way down repeatedly or they don't use the whole cock and foreskin.
There were some real hot moans and I just had to pull my own cock out.

Pounding his uncut cock down my throat for 5 minutes was getting some heavy pre cum out of him and I started working his shaft with my hand and staying near the head.
He let out some more moans and I knew this would get him close.
Too soon for me but after some awesome sucking he told me he was ready to shoot.
Young cum is sweet and from a hot uncut cock is even better!

I swallowed the entire load and took my time cleaning the head and shaft off for him before he put it away and headed out.

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