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Friday, April 3, 2009

Fucked and bred in the booth

It has been awhile since I have had time to get out during the day and today I was bound to do something.

For the ease of not having to try and catch some tearoom action I went to the video booths.
They now have posters on the door of the glory hole we need to be directed - a good cock hound will find them.
I went into the first set of booths, and there was someone already in the other.
Right away I could see a nice sized cut cock.
Since I was in the mood to suck I motioned for him to slide it in the hole and he did.
Hefty, mushroom head and a nice up-curve.

I went right down on it and swallowed to the balls. I was hungry for cock and he was up for a deep throat.
After about 10 slow sucks he pulled back and peeked into the hole. He asked if I wanted to join him in the booth. Hell yeah!
I walked over and saw the guy attached to that hefty piece of meat. About my height, late 40's and in a dress shirt and pants.
He was pulling my cock out faster than I could lock the door.
After he had my cock out and stroked me a few times I bent over and proceeded to get back to swallowing cock. He let me do that for a minute or two and then he said that I had a great ass and wanted to see it.
Ok, I turned around and leaned over - then he asked if I liked my ass eaten. Well, Yeah!!
And so he did, and he did and he did.
It was feeling so good that when he stood up and just slid his cock into my tongue spit lubed ass I backed into it.
Once he knew that my ass was his, he got down to some hard fucking.

I leaned over the chair, grabbed the wall and let him use my ass.
It was not long before he said that it was time for him to shoot and I said "go for it"...he asked if I wanted his load in my ass.
I said YES and he showered my ass with a full load and kept pumping.
My ass was tight around his cock and I milked every last drop out before I let him pull out.

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BikeGuy said...

man- i am SO fucking envious!