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Friday, April 10, 2009

Blonde meets me in the bathroom and feeds me

Awhile back I happened upon a very large, very hefty cock attached to a hot blonde guy in the video booths.
We taped the action that time and I gave him my contact info in case he wanted to do it again sometime...he did and we did.

With it being Good Friday and me not being a very religious individual I was happy to get out of the office early.
Earlier in the day I had an email asking it the afternoon would work. Once I knew the office was closing I got in touch and we arranged to meet up at a private bathroom stall I know of near the office.

Ironically, my directions were not superb and I got a message saying "where are you?" as he had gone to the other bathroom.
No problem, I told him to wait and I went over. I think the holiday kept some of the usual foot traffic down so we had the entire place to ourselves.
My buddy took the bus over from north of town and was edging himself on the ride...hence, when he got there it was raring to go!
We took his cock out and I asked if he wanted to tape this scene and he said yes - so I handed him the video cam and got started.
He was semi firm but also warned me that to avoid the head at first because a guy was watching him on the bus ride.
Ok, I am fine starting at the bottom and working on those cum filled balls!

This particular buddy really gets into the sound of deep throat pushing the limits and with his cock that is NOT a problem.
The mushroom head goes down the throat and you just can't help but feel it and have it hit the back.
Usually I prefer to control the reflex to gag a bit and keep it quiet, but it was hot to know we were completely alone and I could give him what he wanted.
As I got into the rythym of swallowing him down to his balls, he was getting thicker and harder.
At one point I came up off his cock and a string of spit drool just hung in the air between us and I looked up to see him looking as dazed as I was.
And then I went to my work with a gusto.

Luckily it was not long before he was ready to give me his full load. I got into positon under his cock and a thick white drop of cum came out.
More kept cumming and coating my upper lip and chin in the process.
When he has finished dumping his load onto me, I leaned back and just savored the taste...then I had to spit and jack off myself.
I would have used his cum for that but it was too hot to be able to look up and see the cock bouncing in front of me while jacking off and tasting his cum, all at the same time.

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