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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A nice quick one while shopping

It was so damn hot in the city today that we shut down the office early.
That just meant that I had the opportunity to head to the shopping center and find me some hot cock.

I headed straight to the tearoom and noticed that one of the stalls was open. As I was going in a cute young blond guy came out of the end stall.
We made eye contact and before I could even shut my stall door he had done a U -turn and headed back to his.
To me that meant one thing only...he was ready to play too.
Right away I got into position and could see was also stroking already.
There was still a few people hanging around so I did not get on my knees but he took the time to come over and check out what I had in my hand.
He also let me see his cock - about 8 inches, not too thick but a great uncut piece. I was hungry for that foreskin.
I could see one guy outside my stall but he was checking us out and I knew he was fine. The blond was shoving his cock underneath so I could grab it and at the same time he was reaching under to stroke me. He grabbed my cock with a very lubed hand and got me pretty close to shooting.
Once there was no one else around but the third guy I got down and offered my mouth.
He took the break in traffic to shove his cock into my mouth. I swallowed every inch of his cock and could feel him get thicker.
Not too long and he was telling me he was ready to cum. I shook my head to say "yes, let me have it". He pulled out and aimed for my mouth - he was a long distance shooter and I got a good five shots in my mouth and then leaned down a bit to let the rest him my lips and goatee.
I could feel how thick it was on my lips... and that is when we heard the door open.
We both got back into our stalls. I could feel that huge wad of cum with my tongue, so I savored it before opening the door to head out.
At the sinks we both smiled and then we left. In the hallway I asked if he was visiting. He said yes and I heard an accent. I am not good at placing accents but I will go with Australia in my mind.

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