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Monday, June 20, 2011

Double dose of cum

I do love my smartphone and the apps that I can use with it.

This morning I happened to log on to Grindr and within minutes a hot little cub that texts me for head sent me a message.
I happened to have time to kill, and since it was early I told him a load sounded good to me.

He sent me the coordinates of bathroom and access.
I hopped on the bus, and was there within minutes. As I was walking off the elevator, he was walking down the hall.
After we went in, I took a spot in the largest stall and he took the stall next to me.
In seconds he was on his knees with his uncut cock under the stall, and in no time at all I was all over it.

He is a HOT little guy but endowed with a thick uncut cock. After I sucked him hard and he was all spit lubed, he stood up and then put his lower body under the stall.
With him on his back like that, I just leaned over and kept sucking and stroking his cock. He likes to milked until he cums.
Knowing it was early and no one would enter, I even let him stroke my cock with his other hand...
And soon he was telling me that he was about to cum and oh did he!!!

Spurt after spurt into my mouth until he was drained.

Now onto the second load of the day, thanks to Grindr.

Last week I connected via Scruff with a guy that used to feed me his cut cock on a few occasions in a tearoom down by the docks.
The tearoom has since closed for upkeep but I do remember his cock very well.

So, when he told me that he had a huge load for me, I told him about my tearoom nearby. Marble walls, full doors and enough privacy that I could do his cock justice.
Last week the timing was off, but over lunch he asked if I could swing it today.
Once again, I said sure.

Over the afternoon we kept up our chat and then he was heading down the street in my direction.
I told him where to meet me and we would take it from there.
He was outside and waiting, so I took him inside and led the way to the tearoom.

Once inside, we took a large stall. He was a bit nervous, but in the past I was frequently interrupted with his load only seconds away and I wanted it all.
He undid his pants and his cock was already hard and awaiting my mouth.
Now, I did remember that he was hung, but it was so much more impressive to think that I could swallow him to the balls this time and nothing was going to get in the way.

Right away I swallowed the head and cupped his smooth balls with my hand. He is just thick enough to fill me and long enough to go down the throat where I could use the muscles to work the head while my lips were around the shaft.
He told me the first load may be quick and I might be able to work a second one.

After deep throating his cock and gently cupping and working his balls, I gave the shaft a few strokes and just had to get him back down my throat.
He knew I could take it and he even shoved further down. This was a no gag day, and I was rock hard and leaking precum as he gave me every fucking inch of cock.
Mushroom head buried, balls bouncing with cum and a hand full of idea of a perfect blow job.

He was edged to point of exploding and let me know that he was about to shoot. Well, I was prepared for a full multi day load but he was pouring more cum than I expected and when my mouth was filled to the brim, I shoved his entire head and shaft down my gullet and let him fire right down my throat.
Damn, that was awesome!

He was still semi firm, so I asked if he wanted me to work a second load out. He smiled and laughed and said that he was drained and it may take longer to work another.
I said there was time and went back to cleaning his cock with my lips and tongue as he stood there and relished the afterglow.
He said it felt amazing, but he did not stop me from sucking and enjoying the feel of his semi hard cock in my throat or his still bouncing balls in my hand.

After a few moments of leisurely oral enjoyment, I pulled off of his cock and stood up.
He thanked me again, and I told him it was my pleasure...and that we could do it anytime he needed.

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