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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick load in the bathroom

I was wandering around and happened to see a hot young guy going up the escalator. White dress shirt, firm round little ass filling his suit pants, dark faux hawk.
He looked familiar and the direction he headed was one of the tearooms I like to frequent.
Sure enough, he did walk that way.

I was not far behind and entered just after he did.

We both ended up at the urinals and since I was 100% of his intentions, I just pulled out my cock as anyone would.
I could see a nice thick stream of piss coming from his cock, and then we both saw the guy in the stall checking us out.
Once it was determined that he and I were there for the same thing, I relaxed a bit and started to get harder as he showed me his cock.
The guy in the stall opened his door and began stroking. I could not see who it was but knew that the little stud next to me was not opposed to some fun.

When we heard the outer doors open, we both put our cocks back in and went to the sinks.
As I was washing my hands to kill time, I checked him out in the mirror and told him he was hot.
He walked toward the exit and looked back.

So, I followed and he went towards a retail store.

Following behind, I saw him headed for the bathroom. He paused just outside, so I stopped at the drinking fountain. When he walked in, I was right behind.
He went into a large stall and I followed. Once the door was locked, I undid my jeans and pulled out my hard cock as he undid his pants to do the same.
Once his cock was out, I went to my knees and pulled it into my mouth.

Being "height challenged" like myself, he had a great cock for just deep throating and pounding into my throat.
Shaved balls and a nice straight shaft topped by a tasty mushroom head.

I went to work quickly, and each time I devoured the whole cock to the base he would let out a low moan.
The only sounds were an occasional slurp when I slid my mouth off the cock to swipe at the head with my tongue and then go back down to the balls.
His breathing got faster and heavier.

He told me he was about to cum and I just nodded and kept on sucking.
Suddenly I was being rewarded with a quick thick shot of spunk, followed by more rapid shots until my mouth was full.
Not wanting to miss any of the load, I just shoved his cock further down my throat as the spasms lessened until he was fully drained.

All was done and over in under five minutes and when we exited, the coast was clear and I was able to head out and continue my shopping...Nothing better than a hot quick unexpected encounter with a hot little Latino stud.

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