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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recap of IML weekend in Chicago

I did not have access to a computer while visiting the city of Chicago.

It was for the IML contest, but as many of you is also a time for some hot horny hungry men to all come together and be complete pigs.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and the fun began that evening.

As always, there are parties and rooms with groups of tops and bottoms. On this night we found one listed on a cruise site for bareback sex and it was in our hotel.
My husband and I went upstairs and found a room full of men.
The hosts required everyone to strip down. Then we entered the main rooms and the bedroom.
As my eyes adjusted, I saw a hot gym built young guy standing off to the side. I walked over and we began to play. Sucking and tweaking nipples led to him presenting a smooth tight ass to me.

Lately I have been in a top mode and this was perfect. Room full of men and a bare ass looking for my cock.
I bent him over against the wall and pounded his ass hard. We fucked for a short bit and then took a break.
In the week leading up to the event I had not gotten off - yes, even though there were cocks galore at the gym and the mall...but I just had not shot my load.

Well, after pounding that hot hole, I was standing around and another smooth young stud walked in and presented his hole.
At first I was only semi firm but when he bent over, I got rock hard again.
With everyone watching or fucking it was an intense scene and you could smell the poppers and the sweat.
As a top, I do love to really stretch an ass with my thick cock and let him feel the PA, so this young man was in for a real ride. And he took it.
Pulling out till the head was left, and then shoving in until my balls were smacking into his tight hole, then pulling out and shoving back in.

Because I had a full week of cum store in my balls, and he was a tight fuck, it was not much longer before I was letting out a loud moan and filling his guts with spunk.
I did not pull out, but shoved every inch in and let him feel my cum coating his sweet hole. He clamped down good and hard, and milked me dry.

Then it was on to the lobby for another load...

The lobby was packed full of leather and fetish men. I had gone to my room and put on an apron that my buddy makes. It was black but had the phrase CUM BUCKET, NEVER MISSES A DROP.
Wearing only that and a pair of boots...I was ready.
Of course, many guys felt my ass or pulled on my hard nipples. Being in the lobby, I wanted to be a pig, and still be discreet so that we did not attract too much attention.

Well, luckily we ran into a fellow San Franciscan that I suck off whenever we can. He has stated that not many guys are able to blow him to completion, but I can. So, I had to service and got down on my knees.
He got rock hard instantly and I was slurping and swallowing. When the crowd parted a bit, I stood up and told him that I really wanted to taste his load.
He told me it was only about a minute away!
So, I did what anyone would do...I pointed to a spot near a wall and some plants and gathered my friends around. Then I got back down on that cock and sucked, slurped, swallowed and worked it down my throat.
Quickly I was being rewarded with a full load filling my mouth. Being the exhibitionist that we are, I swallowed his first few shots and let him coat my face with the rest.
Then we stood me back up and continued to mingle.

As I was talking to friends, the cum was slowly dripping down my chin. One friend was horny due to not being allowed to play as he wanted yet...and he could smell the cum.
So fucking hot.

And then the next night and a young horny military guy...

Having had so much in the orgy room, we went back the next night. Due to some other events the crowd was a bit more sparse but during the course of the hour I came across a hot young stud sitting on a couch. The angle was perfect and it was not long before he was fucking my mouth and giving me a hot thick load.
Quick and simple....just as I like...but there were still men and cocks around.

I came across another young stud needing to be fucked.
This time it was a bit different, as he wanted me to wear a condom.
I told him that was fine and as we were sucking and groping guys he put one on me. I then took him to the sling and he climbed in.

Hot, smooth tight hole and an eager grin had me rock hard.
I started out slow, as he was tight and had to work all of my cock in. Once he was tightly wrapped around my cock I let him have it all.
I was fucking him hard and fast. I don't recall the time but after pounding his ass till I was ready to burst he shot his load onto his chest.

And then it was the next morning and another hairy cub needed his ass plowed and filled.

As we were sitting in the room, I had a message on one of my cruise sites. Hot young hairy man needed his hole filled.
It was early enough and both my husband and I were up for the task.

I headed down to his room and was greeted by a stud that had chatted with me in the lobby already.
Once I put the face with the profile, I was really looking forward to plowing this hot little ass.
Without wasting any time we got down to business of sucking and working cocks into full hard stiffness.
He has a great cock but also a pair of hefty balls that had my mouth watering. But, since I was there to fulfill his need for a load buried in his ass we let those be for the most part.
My husband came into to the room and we all got onto the bed and started sucking, eating ass and slurping spit everywhere it should be.

While the hot cub was on his back, and I had rimmed his tight hole, I asked if he wanted Elbow Grease or spit for the fuck. He grabbed the tub of EG and we both dipped in a got a dollop.
He aimed his up for my lubed cock and I went in.
Seeing my cock slide slowly into that hole, I could see that he was hungry for it. I went slow but steady and soon I was buried to my balls.
Once he was accustomed to the girth, I went to town on his tight hole.
His mouth was being used on my husband's cock and I was pounding his hairy ass.

He has a sweet ass and it was not long before I was ready to flood his guts with my spooge.
As I felt the cum churning, I buried to the bone and let him have it all.
After I was fully drained, I kept it up there and he bore down on my cock to get every last drop.

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