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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So much cum I nearly choked

Last week I was online and a hot local guy hit me up for the blog details.
I sent him the address, and thus began an exchange of pics and desires...and today we were able to meet and have some fun...

Early in the exchange he gave me a hot tasty pic of cut cock, mushroom head that you know I wanted to swallow.

During the course of our texts he also let me know that he got off to my xtube videos - and that, of course led to the idea of not only meeting for a hot blow job but also for a video possibility.

Our timing did not work last week, so today I made sure to be available. He sent me the directions and off I went.
He came down to let me in the building and I got to see the hot bearded man from the pics, and he was hotter in person. Dark hair with enough grey thrown in to be HOT as hell.
We got to his apartment and right away he wanted to see my chest and furry body, and to see my PA up close.

After we were both shirtless, it was apparent that the fur factor was hot! I did bring my video cam along, but this was one of those blow jobs that had to include lots of touching...nipples, hairy chest and balls on both of us.
While still standing there, he dove in and gave my pits a good sniff and lick.

He was intrigued with the PA, and took a swing on my cock (and he is as good of a cocksucker as a hot feeder!!!) and then it was my turn to pull his shorts down and see that cock up close.
It was indeed a hot lengthy cock that seemed to stretch around his thigh as I reached to pull it out.

I was on my knees and had to put that cock in my mouth!
As I slid his cock over my tongue and felt the head sliding down my throat he was tugging on my nipples.
His cock was a perfect length to be buried down to the base and allow me to hold his balls in my hand while we went back and forth between fucking my face and deep throating on my part.
A couple of times I did get that extra inch down and it was so hot to feel the head sliding down my gullet. My gag reflex kicked in a couple of times...and then I hit my groove. As he was pulling on my nipples I had him buried to the base, then I started to piston fuck my throat with his shaft and head and there was no stopping.

To give his entire cock the full attention, I did take moments to alternate the throat, tongue, lips and hand to slide over every inch. His cum filled balls were weighty in my hands and I used them to push the shaft up and further down my throat when I could.

With all of our fur stroking, nipple tugging and suck swapping it was not long before he was edging to the climax.
He gave me a vocal heads up that it was imminent and I was hungry for it.

I had the head right on the back of my tongue and the second I felt the surge of cum hitting the back of my throat I pushed to keep him buried...and then suddenly my mouth was filled to overflowing - I swallowed as quick as possible.
With more cum spilling into my mouth I worked to get every last inch into my throat to swallow it all.
There was so much cum that I almost choked, and still he kept shooting.
Finally the spurts died down enough to let me inhale.
Every last drop...damn that tasted sweet!

As you can tell, we were so occupied with cum and cock that we did not grab the video camera...
but he is in the area and is already looking forward to another feeding...and that will be on video...or the one after that.

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