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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Repeats do cum in handy

During our trip to Chicago a friend of ours left his harness behind in our room. He was not coming right home, so we brought it back with us.

Today I was on my way to bring it to him.
He works in the shopping district where I do find some hot tearoom action. When I had finished handing his harness back, I figured that I would take a quick peek and see who was around.

As I walked around the corner I could see that the urinals were all occupied.
I could not see the face of guy nearest to me, but I saw a hot bubble ass in jeans, and when I saw him lean back to see who was standing there I knew he was there for the same thing I was.
The middle urinal opened up, so I took it and looked to my left.

Right away I saw a familiar face. I have sucked his load down more than a few times in this same area.

He was standing there with his hung cock hanging down and smiling. I kept looking, to let him know that I was up for taking it again.
There was enough traffic that he pulled his thick cut cock back into his jeans and walked away...but, not before giving me a glance back.
I also put my cock away and followed behind.
As we exited the bathroom, he paused and glanced towards the exit we have used in the past. I said it sounded good to me and we headed down.

Once past the exit, we took a couple of flights down the stairs and stopped.
Immediately he was ready to let his cock out and I was ready to swallow it.
Over 8 inches of hard Hispanic cock topped by a plum sized mushroom head...I grasped the shaft and fed the head into my mouth.
Right away he started thrusting and fucking my face. I opened my mouth and let him use my the same time I was holding the shaft and working my tongue on the head and shaft.

In minutes, he was telling me it was time for him to unload and I just let him dump into my mouth.
Spurt after spurt filled my mouth and I swallowed it all.
I took one last lick and stood up.

All of this transpired in about the time it took to write this down, but for me it is all about the cum and the cock...I never worry about whether the guy can cum in seconds, minutes or needs more than half an hour...just so that they leave with balls drained and a smile on their face.

This hot stud loves to be sucked and he is always good for a quick load, and then we both go on our way, and one of the advantages to tearoom/ public loads is the ease and quickness.

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